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Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's a Party; Chick Flicks.

So, it's finally cold rainy(ish) outside and you may not feel like getting all dressed up after your 6 pm bikram yoga class to go out and meet the girls. Totally understandable. 

a.) It sucks royally to have to go from loosey goosey Lululemon to structured skinnies.
b.) The thought of having to style your hair out of that top knot gives you heartburn.
c.) Is "girl time" really worth trekking through the puddles in your studded suede McQueen's?

Solution? Girls night in. Not corny "White Chicks" status sleepover (although this is a great choice in movie) matching pajama sets, cornrows or snickers bars allowed. I'm talking about a really kicka** night in. A hilarious movie, yummy food, lots to drink, and best of all, the dress pants.

Here's what's involved:

A Feature Film. Let this be whatever movie you've all been dying to see, but don't really care about listening to the dialogue. Anything with Melissa McCarthy or Katherine Heigl is a good option.

Comfy Seating. Bring out the piles of blankets, lots of pillows. You're about to get drunk and talk sh*t about're not moving for hours.

Beverages. A really good pre-mixed cocktail recipe is a must and so are a couple bottles of wine and champagne on hand. I absolutely love Monica Hart's four-ingredient drink featured above. Personally, it's even better with a splash of sparkling rosé.

Snacks...lots of fun snacks. Lets face it, get us females into yoga pants and hand us some alcohol and we act like a 15 year old boy who got high for the first time. We want to munch. As long as it's "healthy" of course...(aka the above "Vegan Pink Popcorn" - butter free, salt free, gluten free, fat free, sugar free, you skinny betch.)

Other good ideas to munch on:

1. Homemade vegan cupcakes. A really easy recipe here: Vegan Cupcake Recipe by

2. An assembled cheese plate. I love this graph above, use your imagination to the max.

3. Paleo snack mix. I'm obsessed with this recipe for Apple Pie Snack Mix. End of story.

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  1. I need a great girls night in, I actually watched 27 dresses in Cinema with a male friend lol, xoxo.


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