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Monday, November 11, 2013

Hot Masculine Touches That Look Chic In Your House.

Silk pleated ankle pants with a tailored tuxedo jacket, lace tights with black leather Saint Laurent combat boots, long eyelashes with a matte nude lip. All of these looks are proof that a simple masculine touch make femininity instantly hot.

Same goes for your nest.

All mess aside, a man in your house can really bring a hot spice to your decor. This doesn't mean you need to actually put up with one living there. All you need are a few simple masculine pieces.

Here are a few hot masculine touches that look chic in your house...

1. Old fashioned liquor. I'm obsessed with the above Hendrick's Gin in my drinks, but I'm also loving the black bottle with a finely decorated label that looks fabulous placed on a crystal mirrored tray on a stand in your entertaining room. High end dark whiskies are also great additions.

2. Blue and white stripes. I love the accent between bold blue and white stripped pillows and hearty brown leather. This clean and masculine touch works in such an effortless way. A way to incorporate blue and white stripes into your bedroom is to get a simple blue and white striped silk sheet set to mix in with a white or light pink duvet.

3. Rustic antlers. The look of rustic antlers or tusks brings in such an earthy feel. Add in chic white antlers to your flower bouquets, placed around candles on a coffee table, or hung up around gold brushed picture frames on your walls. They work amazing faux.

4. A masculine bathroom. I love the look of a masculine bathroom because not only is it mod and chic, but it also looks impeccably clean. Keep the color scheme basic, limit your accents, and allow your femininity to show through candles and flowers without being overwhelming.

5. A man. There is nothing more chicly masculine than having an actual living, breathing, beautiful man in your house. It's the perfect addition to any room. Especially when he's making breakfast in the kitchen. Don't worry...he's just stopping through.

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