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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rinse and Repeat; A Change of Hair.

It's impossible to change another, it takes work to change yourself, but it only takes a breath to change appearance. Many of us resort to making changes in our appearance when we are stuck and not able to make changes in our life's path. Many times, we don't even realize the emotional outcries a change in appearance makes; PMS, bad P.R., personal development?

One of the easiest appearance changes to make is with your hairstyle. I should know, I've been from bed head to Cher bangs to hipster chops to blonde Victoria Secret waves to a bad incident resulting in a permanent top knot and back. I've been the fedora-wearing indie musician, the Audrey Hepburn beatnik, the homeless long lost Olsen, the Park Avenue princess, I've channeled every alter ego I've ever had...and your mother's.

Rinse and repeat.

I'm all about chopping off all of your hair in a mod bob if it moves you, however...there are some instances when you should put down the scissors and check yourself.

Leave your hair alone if:

1. It's October 1st of any year. Yesterday my sister came into my office and said "I want to do something to my hair." I answered, "Cool, what were you thinking?" Laura says, "I don't depends on what I want to be for Halloween." Do not make changes to your hair based on what you're going to be for Halloween. I nearly sh*t a block of Hermès flat wear hearing that.

2. You just saw a picture of your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. Accept that your ex-boyfriend is simply lowering his standards after you and that your replacement has horrible taste and head lice.

3. You're considering anything Kelly Osborne related on Fashion Police. You wouldn't go to Joan Rivers for plastic surgery advice, so why the hell would you be looking at Kelly Osborne wondering about hair? The girl has a grey weave and lavender low-lights...don't be a copy cat.

4. You're pissed off at your sister. Don't sabotage your own hair on a whim if it's really your sister who is the problem. Just go do what my sisters and I did circa the early 90s. Grab your Hair Salon Barbie plastic scissors, smile, and cut the bitches bangs off...oops, bangs don't disappear by cutting them shorter? Your bad.

5. You're considering shaving it all of à la Britney S.

Feel free to mess with it if: You found inspiration under the cover of Vogue, you want to channel an alter ego, a new bob would go really well with that new Pucci pashmina you bought at Barneys, you really do think that red could be the new rust, or your boyfriend just dumped you after 3 and a half years and you really want a scalp massage.

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  1. I completely agree! I'm all about changing up my hairstyle.

    - White Tee Black Dress


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