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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Wear a Poncho, 101.

Ponchos are one of my favorite Fall staples because A., they look cool, and B., they're super easy to throw on and make a pair of black skinnies look complete

Another thing that's great about this piece is it can go from 0 to 60 degrees just by adjusting layers. Freezing out? Wear a cashmere turtleneck underneath. Not so cold out but the poncho look is something you can't wait to pull off? Wear a lace bandeau underneath. Breezy babes.

I've put together a little crash course for you on how to rock a poncho. It's not as easy as it looks...

How to Wear a Poncho, 101:

Rule #1: Don't wear one that's actually water resistant. It looks like you're a serial killer wearing the garbage bag that your about to stuff dead bodies into. Not a hot look.

Rule #2: Fun trim, embellishment, or a cinched waist is a great addition to your typical poncho. A for Individuality. 

Rule #3: Don't go overboard with the additions. Too much fringe looks like you're a bird who went through a shredder and can't fly. Tragic.

Rule #4: Tribal print is hot and it doesn't get old. Keep it classic with a Native American influenced poncho or get involved with your African roots with bold colors and shapes.

Rule #5: Don't over-style your poncho. Pants, maybe a cool thumb ring, and rugged boots max, please. Keep it basic and "thrown together."

Rule #6: I love the classic "blanket" poncho. And see how she's keeping it basic with no pants? Perfect.

Rule #7: If you're apart of the male species, don't try this trend out at home.

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