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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eat More Greens...Fashionably, Of Course.

There comes a time when it wouldn't hurt for every single one of us to eat more greens. Contrary to my post a couple weeks ago (Donuts & Coffee), this bipolar stepsister of a post is telling you to snap out of your wicked sugar and caffeine cycle and jump on the greenie train. How, you might ask? By cramming in as much nutrients as possible into 8ish oz of liquid in the morning.

It's super easy to go down the street to Whole Foods and wait in line for 10 minutes after you already spent 5 rattling off all the ingredients of your "Create Your Own" to your juicer who throws in whatever irrelevant veggies is pre-cut, regardless of the instructions.

You know what's even easier? DIY-ing it in your PJs.

Yeah, that's badass. 

Whip out that Vitamix and go to town on some of these easy-peasy-greensy recipes... 






Want to come up with something of your own? 
Here's an amazing cheat sheet from

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