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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 Things Every Socialite Should Have In Her Closet.

"How to Dress like a Socialite" is a blog post that really shouldn't be answered because A. every socialite has his/her own signature style, it's part of the reason why a socialite is considered a socialite me, it's not because of personality points, and B. if you're asking, you will never be a socialite. Sorry. Except not.

"I'm not interested in fashion at all,"
Yves Saint Laurent muse Betty Catroux once said.

Instead, I've come up with 10 things that every socialite should have in her closet.

Check it...

1. A clutch with a fashionable way to loop your wrist through. The above (both by Céline) are great options for nights, or brunches, when you're juggling a flute of champagne in your left hand and your phone in your right.

2. A versatile fur jacket. Be it the real thing or faux...plenty of socialites are pro-PETA or at least vegetarian on Mondays and Wednesdays...this is a necessity.

3. A fabulous turban à la Sophia Lauren et Liz Taylor. Frankly, I don't know a socialite worth not mentioning that hasn't been spotted in a turban on a weeknight. Make it unique with a bedazzled centerpiece, a silk printed pattern, or a fun velvet fabric.

4. "Diamonds on your timepiece," says Lorde. I prefer somewhat of a masculine structure, but that's just me...and black and gold is always a great option if not a staple.

5. A white jumpsuit as seen in Russian Vogue. The one above is from Jean Paul Gaultier's collection and is something that transfers from the Hamptons pre-Labor Day to the city on a Sunday.

6. A really amazing vintage heirloom. Whether you picked it up from Grandmother's trust or on Melrose Ave., as long as it's authentic it's a must have.

7. A blazer that transforms from afternoon to night. You decide how many layers of the black satin tuxedo trimmed couture piece of an onion you want to unveil. A socialite always mixes it up.

8. Higher heels than her, whoever "her" may be. The tallest one always wins, unless you look like Shrek, then you're disqualified.

9. A fresh manicure. Wouldn't that be amazing if you had a personal manicurist in your closet at all times? Unfortunately, I think that's considered slave labor. Just make sure to have one on speed dial who is willing to ditch her other clients for you with any given notice.

10. A sexy muse of a man with great style. He can be in the closet or's not like you're dating him monogamously.

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