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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hot Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For The Single Betch.

If you were like me, you were completely anti-dressing up for Halloween until last night when you were sitting at home after yoga with a big case of the F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) from everyone asking you what your plans were. So, you decided to make appointments at 5 different make-up counters - brands varying depending on your costume choice - text your best scandalous girlfriend and make plans with her to hit the town and meet up with a bunch of your hot male model friends. 

Totally casual.

But what in the world are you going to be?

A. Partygoer from Great Gatsby.
B. Miley Cyrus.
C. A total slut with animal ears.

"In the regular world, 
Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. 
In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut 
and no other girls can say anything about it."

All were obviously good options, but I wanted to be something different. Having dressed up as 1/2 of a couple for the past 4 Halloweens, I was ready for a serious change up. A Black Widow? Miss Havisham? A Zombie Ex-Wife? Come on Lisa, you can think hotter.

What should The Single Betch dress up as? Another fabulous single betch of course.

Here's your hot last minute halloween costume ideas for The Single Betch...according to hair color...


1. Penny Lane - find your chunkiest wedges, curl your hair, and ask to borrow a cigarette.
2. Trophy Wife - wear all gold and get a great blow out.
3. Marilyn Monroe - white dress, red lips, and a eyebrow penciled in mole.
4. Edie Sedgwick - dress like a beatnik bohemian and thicken that eyeliner.
5. Madonna - you know what to do.


1. Holly Golightly - gather a fabulous tiara, a pink party dress, and a vintage pair of Céline sunnies.
2. The Black Dahlia - wear all black and buy $75 worth of MAC products to get your make-up done.
3. Beyoncé circa Single Ladies - dress like Beyoncé and shake a serious stone on your left hand.
4. Catwoman - dress in all black, wear your baddest thigh highs and a pair of cat ears.
5. Superwoman - only the ultimate single brunette woman, just buy the damn costume.

Red Head:

1. Jessica Rabbit - stuff your bra and wear a killer red dress, you really only have one option.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 Things Every Socialite Should Have In Her Closet.

"How to Dress like a Socialite" is a blog post that really shouldn't be answered because A. every socialite has his/her own signature style, it's part of the reason why a socialite is considered a socialite me, it's not because of personality points, and B. if you're asking, you will never be a socialite. Sorry. Except not.

"I'm not interested in fashion at all,"
Yves Saint Laurent muse Betty Catroux once said.

Instead, I've come up with 10 things that every socialite should have in her closet.

Check it...

1. A clutch with a fashionable way to loop your wrist through. The above (both by Céline) are great options for nights, or brunches, when you're juggling a flute of champagne in your left hand and your phone in your right.

2. A versatile fur jacket. Be it the real thing or faux...plenty of socialites are pro-PETA or at least vegetarian on Mondays and Wednesdays...this is a necessity.

3. A fabulous turban à la Sophia Lauren et Liz Taylor. Frankly, I don't know a socialite worth not mentioning that hasn't been spotted in a turban on a weeknight. Make it unique with a bedazzled centerpiece, a silk printed pattern, or a fun velvet fabric.

4. "Diamonds on your timepiece," says Lorde. I prefer somewhat of a masculine structure, but that's just me...and black and gold is always a great option if not a staple.

5. A white jumpsuit as seen in Russian Vogue. The one above is from Jean Paul Gaultier's collection and is something that transfers from the Hamptons pre-Labor Day to the city on a Sunday.

6. A really amazing vintage heirloom. Whether you picked it up from Grandmother's trust or on Melrose Ave., as long as it's authentic it's a must have.

7. A blazer that transforms from afternoon to night. You decide how many layers of the black satin tuxedo trimmed couture piece of an onion you want to unveil. A socialite always mixes it up.

8. Higher heels than her, whoever "her" may be. The tallest one always wins, unless you look like Shrek, then you're disqualified.

9. A fresh manicure. Wouldn't that be amazing if you had a personal manicurist in your closet at all times? Unfortunately, I think that's considered slave labor. Just make sure to have one on speed dial who is willing to ditch her other clients for you with any given notice.

10. A sexy muse of a man with great style. He can be in the closet or's not like you're dating him monogamously.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Girl Hot; Dressing For Women.

From a very young age, females have always been in competition with other females...primarily for the attention of the male species. Who's prettier? Who's smarter? Who's funnier? Whoever wins comes out on top, known as the alpha betch.

When it comes to dressing however, us females are not seeking the attention of the male species. Not at all. We may believe that we are dressing to look hot and impress the TD&H (tall, dark, and handsome) sitting at the corner of the bar, but really we are dressing to look hot and impress the BBIH (baddest bitch in heels) sitting front and center with her Louboutin dangling off her perfectly pedicured this month's trendy vampy color, might I add.

We as women, predominantly dress for other women. It's that female vs. female competitive nature that has been ingrained in our brains since before we were even born.

Remember in kindergarden when we all got those sparkly jelly sandals from Nordies - circa live pianists performing on the third floor? Fess up, you know the ones I'm talking about. We didn't get those shoes because they impressed the hottie eating crayons in the baseball cap, he would have been down with our white Keds. We got them to compete with all of the other sparkly jelly sandal wearing princesses skipping around the playground.

Who has a hotter handbag? Who's Herve Leger has more unnecessary accents (meaning, it was more expensive than the basic bandage)? Who is wearing the season after next season's Charlotte Olympia novelty pumps? These are all questions we ask ourselves when dressing for other women.

If you want to get the guy, grow a personality and bust out some cleavage.
If you want to beat out the BBIH, get on your Girl Hot game.

Here are the top 'Girl Hot' trends to consider if you want to beat out the BBIH...

1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall...who has the vampiest lips of them all? 

No guy dreams of kissing Chanel Rouge Noir lips, but I can guarantee that any female within lipshot would love to get her hands on a dark pout of her own. Not to be pulled off by the novice, this shade requires a backbone and conviction.

2. "I want that girl wearing the cape..." said no man ever.

But, how many women would skin the girl alive to be wearing that ivory Céline cape she rode in on. Difficult to acquire and worth more than a six-month luxury car lease, this is the cream of the cape.

3. See you later, alligator. After awhile, crocodile.

Most men don't understand the difference between "faux" and "pho," but us women know the difference between the faux thing and real thing...and the crocodile Hermès Birkin is the real deal. Beckams the word.

4. Witches Hats vs. Bitches Hats.

Double double, couture, and trouble...most men don't know the difference. Riding in on your broomstick rocking one of these Saint Laurent head toppers is a serious gift, and no amount of magic is even questioned.

5. Bootie, bootie, bootie, bootie, rockin' everywhere...

To men, the hardware on these Chanel boots from the Fall 2013 collection walking down the runway of Paris Fashion Week might as well be fishing line, but to the female eyes, these boots hook, line, and sinker.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cookies with an Edge; The Cravory.

It's about 10:00 pm and I'm on my second episode of DVR'd American Horror Story...sleepy, but still wired with endorphins running through my bloodstream from a boxing session with my hot trainer at the gym earlier that night.

I'm definitely craving something. 

It's kinda like a craving for Adam Levine to make a cameo in the next episode...except bigger.

Just then, it hits, I remember that an entire box of cookies from The Cravory arrived at my door the day before. Time to rip into those bad boys and pour myself a glass of unsweetened sprouted almond milk.

(JK-ing about the almond milk...that's disgusting)

So what is this? A variety package of fall flavors? You've got to be kidding me, this is like trick-or-treating except a thousand times better!!! I kid you not, flavors like Almond Joyous (a brand new toasted coconut dough, mixed with sweetened coconut, toasted almonds, Guittard Dark Chocolate Chunks then rolled in coconut and topped with Maldon sea salt and a semisweet chocolate drizzle) and Pumpkin S'mores (delicious and full of spice Pumpkin Chai Dough with graham crackers, marshmallows, Cravory Caramel and Guittard Milk Chocolate Chunks) were packed in this does The Cravory come up with these brilliant combos?

"The Cravory was co-founded in 2009 by three young entrepreneurs, Adam Koven, Nate Ransom, and Derek Jaeger who are extremely passionate about food and absolutely addicted to cookies. Over the cupcake craze and all about texture, they set out to fulfill their dream of creating a cookie company that would allow customers to indulge in a playful luxury that satisfies both the sweet and savory taste buds of cookie lovers, with an edge."

Obviously, cookies with an edge is what totally sold me.

Forget caviar and macaroon tea parties, I want these three guys over for some mad cookie baking.

Check out a few signature flavors if you're not drooling enough already...

*Addicts in San Diego beware...The Cravory is opening up their first store at 3960 W. Point Loma Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110. In the meantime, order yourself a box for those late night (anytime) cravings.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Black Lodge EP Release.

"Never Clean" - Black Lodge

Today, Hollywood, California, industrial-rock band Black Lodge releases their self-tiled six-song debut EP and it is beyond anything I've ever heard before. Not only is black my favorite color and the band's style badass, but Black Lodge is pure legendary art...musically and in visual form

Quoted from, my friend Johnny Royal, Black Lodge founder and lead guitarist states: 

"Growing up, I would fully immerse myself into the bands that I loved: Iron Maiden, The Misfits, Marilyn Manson, Morbid Angel, NIN. When I started writing this record, I wanted to create the same experience for the listener that made me fall in love with music when I was a kid: memorable songs, great videos and cool artwork. We brought all of those elements into this record and have incorporated a great deal of alchemy and the occult in our songwriting process and story arch."

The below is the six-song EP and preview of the band's full-length album, The Diary of Tomahawk, written and recorded at The Realm Creative in Los Angeles by Black Lodge with co-producers and co-songwriters Johnny Royal, Gavin Reign, Jeordie White/Twiggy Ramirez, Lee Miles, Zach Webb, Sean Beavan and Johnny K, which we can anticipate release in 2014:

Download the full EP album on iTunes so you can listen on replay.

Check out more of Black Lodge's EP release coverage on and be sure to follow the band, as they just released their upcoming tour dates (@BlackLodgeUS TwitterBlack Lodge on FacebookBlack Lodge Official Website). 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Defending Yourself Against The Douchebag...Fashionably.

So, you're kinda sorta into a douchebag. He sucks. He has attitude, he acts like he doesn't give a sh*t, he feels totally entitled...and you think it's hot. Long hair, band boy, brilliant minded, motorcycle riding, tattoo grinding, 007 martini drinking, hot as hell, douchebag of one or multiple offenses. Been there, done that, doing it. I get it, girl.

I'm here to tell you a secret, so listen up...

You only stand a chance if you are a badder bitch than him.

That's right. Keep your pride, don't waste your breath, and dress the part. You've got to defend yourself against the douchebag. I can't teach you words, but I can definitely teach your wardrobe the part.

It's all a matter of's how...

1. Get yourself some knuckle armor. I suggest Alexander McQueen form...whether it's a four banded knuckle ring solo or attached to your clutch. Make that fist feisty. 

2. A little sideboob never hurt anybody. It's the ultimate "you can look but you can't touch." Make it work with a graphic cutout couture tee (Céline or Chanel, recommended) or simple bold stripes (like those shown on Rosie)'s only trashy if you're wearing cheap sh*t.

3. Lips that sting. Get aggressive with your pout. Don't waste it on just anyone. You can pull off the above á la Lana del Rey with a little Tom Ford matte lipstick. At just under $50 a stick, I promise you won't be willing to waste an application on just anybody undeservingly.

4. Spike the sh*t out of your stilettos. I'm a huge fan of the above pair of crystalized spiked Louboutin hot are they. Save a nice peep-toe for the preppy boy you let take you out on lunch dates...these spiked booties are beyond appropriate for strengthening your stance.

5. No need to try too hard. No douchebag is deserving of any extra A for effort you may want to contribute. I'm a huge fan of the above distressed denim with leather thigh accents and a couple simple studs...where you can find these, I have no idea. For all I know, they may be Forever 21...but they rock (my guess is AG denim).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eat More Greens...Fashionably, Of Course.

There comes a time when it wouldn't hurt for every single one of us to eat more greens. Contrary to my post a couple weeks ago (Donuts & Coffee), this bipolar stepsister of a post is telling you to snap out of your wicked sugar and caffeine cycle and jump on the greenie train. How, you might ask? By cramming in as much nutrients as possible into 8ish oz of liquid in the morning.

It's super easy to go down the street to Whole Foods and wait in line for 10 minutes after you already spent 5 rattling off all the ingredients of your "Create Your Own" to your juicer who throws in whatever irrelevant veggies is pre-cut, regardless of the instructions.

You know what's even easier? DIY-ing it in your PJs.

Yeah, that's badass. 

Whip out that Vitamix and go to town on some of these easy-peasy-greensy recipes... 






Want to come up with something of your own? 
Here's an amazing cheat sheet from

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Wear a Poncho, 101.

Ponchos are one of my favorite Fall staples because A., they look cool, and B., they're super easy to throw on and make a pair of black skinnies look complete

Another thing that's great about this piece is it can go from 0 to 60 degrees just by adjusting layers. Freezing out? Wear a cashmere turtleneck underneath. Not so cold out but the poncho look is something you can't wait to pull off? Wear a lace bandeau underneath. Breezy babes.

I've put together a little crash course for you on how to rock a poncho. It's not as easy as it looks...

How to Wear a Poncho, 101:

Rule #1: Don't wear one that's actually water resistant. It looks like you're a serial killer wearing the garbage bag that your about to stuff dead bodies into. Not a hot look.

Rule #2: Fun trim, embellishment, or a cinched waist is a great addition to your typical poncho. A for Individuality. 

Rule #3: Don't go overboard with the additions. Too much fringe looks like you're a bird who went through a shredder and can't fly. Tragic.

Rule #4: Tribal print is hot and it doesn't get old. Keep it classic with a Native American influenced poncho or get involved with your African roots with bold colors and shapes.

Rule #5: Don't over-style your poncho. Pants, maybe a cool thumb ring, and rugged boots max, please. Keep it basic and "thrown together."

Rule #6: I love the classic "blanket" poncho. And see how she's keeping it basic with no pants? Perfect.

Rule #7: If you're apart of the male species, don't try this trend out at home.

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