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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To Wear Or Not To Wear: Floral Print For Men.

Floral print: To wear or not to wear? That for men, is a weighted bouquet of a question.

Yes, it's true. Floral print is the new pink. However, there's a lot more risk when deciding what pieces are doable and what pieces will make a stand out pattern a complete disaster in a man's world.

Floral print is hard enough to pull off as females without looking like Grandma's couch. It's even harder to pull off as males because...despite the fear of looking like g'ma's also have to worry about looking like you tried too hard to do it.

Now, don't be scared of this flourished print. If you've pulled it off right, girls will love flowers on you almost as much as they love them in an arrangement you had delivered to their desk at work.

If you're planning on venturing down the floral's a few things to keep in mind...

To Wear: Brightly colored pants accented with a bold floral print work amazingly well paired with a down to earth hooded tee. Keep footwear basic with a pair of top-siders.

Not To Wear: Don't you effing even think about wearing slouchy silk floral pants or God forbid, carrying around an oversized floral tote. I don't care who you think you are (cough, Phillip Lim)...don't.

To Wear: An awesome floral jacket is the easiest way to pull off the print. I love the above featured jacket by ASOS. It's reasonable and looks great paired with another printed shirt or a plain v-neck.

Not To Wear: I'm not digging the Hawaiian flower look for the G.P. (General Public). Even on The Styleograph my opinion is wishy in, take it off and ruin it in the wash. No dry cleaning necessary.

To Wear: Understated floral print is really loved, especially in a matted neutral tone (beige, pastel pink, baby blue, or even grey). The bow tie accent is a great touch to bring in masculinity and finish.

*Be sure to check out LisaPriceInc.'s Menswear board on Pinterest for more floral looks recently pinned for inspiration.


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