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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Purge; Paris Fashion Week.

IRFE Spring/Summer 2014, Paris Fashion Week

Last night, I watched the movie The Purge and I can't get the sick and twisted idea of a "purge" out of my mind. The thought that you can cleanse yourself through the act of purging is so relevant in behavior, and in fashion.

The idea of purging your wardrobe is not to be mistaken with a deep closet cleaning. You can purge yourself to cleanse within your fashion bring forth new inspiration and to set new boundaries.

How might one do such a purge? With violence.

Be savage, be greedy. Push your stylistic boundaries beyond where they've ever been before. Don't match color schemes, be rough with prints, add in accessories that create new groundbreaking limits.

By doing such an obscene act, anything you wore pre-purge will be mediocre and meaningless. The flavor will flat out flop. You'll be inspired to always push the limits, to always purge in the means of fashion. 

The look will be phenomenal.

Who is purging right now? Paris Fashion Week.

Zuhair Murad


Dries Van Noten



Jean Paul Gaultier


Anthony Vaccarello

Haid Ackermann

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