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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Really cool nails that are appropriate now that it's September...

Peace the f*ck out white nails and neons. Now that it's September, it's time to make your nails cool again. Sadly no, your nail beds won't look quite as tan compared to your Chanel Pearl nail lacquer, but there a tons of options that I'm obsessed with way over a bronzed-cuticle look.

It's time to direct your Pamela Anderson fingertips to take on a more so, Rooney Mara act.

Trés chic.

Here's the script...

Metallic with texture.

Proenza Schouler patterns.

Oxblood with gold tips.

An accented claw with black.

Deep cobalt blue.

Black horizontal stripe.

Metallic black.

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