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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Menswear; Take It Off.

Pictured above, we've got a perfectly hot TD&H (tall, dark, and handsome) with not a single clue on how to dress. We're talking way too much going on. A for Effort, man take it off...

 George Serfes for Calvin Klein

Here we've got a blank C.K. canvas, ready to be dressed up.

Let's start below the waist...

1. No more army green colored pants. If you're going to army green, pair them with a black v-neck and call it a day. If you want to add more, stick to easier played accent colors; red, royal blue, purple, salmon, mustard. Do not pick colors that are affiliated with a job (i.e. prison orange or plumber periwinkle blue).

2. Do like Ryan Gosling and polish up. I dig the whole "matching belt and shoe" effect, but if you're going to pick a light caramel color, be sure to take it down a refined path. If the belt is too clunky (wide), it just looks messy and sticks out. Same goes for the shoes, no matted scuffs if you're matching.

3. Burn in hell...your Abercrombie-esque graphic tee. We're not in college anymore, and if we are...we're not in year 2007 anymore. Move on. I'm all about a black and white hipsterism or band tee. Please, for the love of sex, no slogans or jokes...and don't you dare keep calm and chive on.

4. Watch your neckline. I get that you're a man, but your neckline is still important. Wearing a tee that's rounded and all the way up can sometimes make you look like a hot choke hold when paired with a jacket or a blazer. Be aware.

5. Aviation. Enough said. If you're going leather, just know that aviation is a hot way to go if you want to experiment away from the motorcycle bomber jacket. I love the rounded shoulders and a loose fit. Make sure that your leather jacket fits zipped up, if it doesn't, go one size up.

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