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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Le Café des Chats.

Should you find yourself at Le Café des Chats, I pray to the Gods of Couture that I am not sitting across from you. If you aren't familiar with the French language and you had to type "Le Café des Chats" into Google, "coffee cat" may have come up.

A more so, proper translation would be, "a creepy coffee shop with furry little demons taking over the place, getting hair in your cappuccino foam, and worse...woven into your Crystal Fox Fur coat."

Trés ew.

Whoever thought this sick and twisted idea of a coffee shop is chic needs to have their head examined. If you're a crazy cat lover, or what to do something unique for your Instagram followers, then by all means...check it out the next time you're in Paris.

Put out your cigarette and ban the fur off your shoulders. Brace yourself, darling reader.

Here's what to wear to Le Café des Chats...

For the ladies...

I suggest pair of novelty graphic socks that work as an eccentric accent to your outfit. Love this pair tucked into metallic flats like the pointy-toed Célines featured above.

A chunky ring is the perfect accessory to pair with basic black skinnies or a feminine floral dress, it adds character and breaks up the mold. Plastic is the new gold...

You know how much I love a hipster graphic tee...this one with a multi-colored eye cat to match your other layers with works so well into a look.

For the gentlemen...

A partial Batman mask is a nice touch, it portrays a sense of lust for the cats as if they were the ever seductive Catwoman of your life.

Side Note: LisaPriceInc. reserves all rights to f*ck with her readers on any given time.

Do not go to Le Café des Chats if you are in Paris, you're an idiot if you thought those metallic flats were Céline, plastic is not the new gold, matching a deformity into your outfits color scheme is not hot, and lastly...please men, do not wear a Batman mask and attempt to bond with felines.

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