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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 Things To Put On Lockdown After Labor Day.

You're protesting burning your whites after Labor Day. I get it, you're a free spirit, white reflects your aura. Or maybe you live in Southern California where it's still Summer throughout Christmas. However, I have news for you...banning white after Labor Day is the very least of your problems.

That's right! This style sh*t just got trickier.

I'm giving you your whites for the rest of the year. Rock them at your discretion.

The following however, need to be put on lockdown after Labor Day...

Lockdown: Skanky High-Waisted Shorts. Say goodbye to poor acid wash and camel toes. I know, so so sad. What to replace it with? A pair of silk striped shorts by Stella or a hot pair of studded Balmain leather.

Lockdown: Bold Fringe Bikini. No more Pocahontas fringe of any sort should be invited to Jacuzzi nights after Labor Day. What to replace it with? A sleek cut out one-piece or a scandalous bikini with proper embellishments.

Lockdown: Chunky Wedges For Night. I don't know why you were allowed to even wear these period. What to replace it with? A pair of chunky booties or cage heels...Givenchy is my go-to.

Lockdown: Your Effing Flower Crown. I don't care if it's "a thing" and you're not getting it back until festival season. What to replace it with? A bedazzled bohemian headband or a hipster beanie.

Lockdown for Men: Same rule applies Re: Your Effing Flower Crown.

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