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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Purge; Paris Fashion Week.

IRFE Spring/Summer 2014, Paris Fashion Week

Last night, I watched the movie The Purge and I can't get the sick and twisted idea of a "purge" out of my mind. The thought that you can cleanse yourself through the act of purging is so relevant in behavior, and in fashion.

The idea of purging your wardrobe is not to be mistaken with a deep closet cleaning. You can purge yourself to cleanse within your fashion bring forth new inspiration and to set new boundaries.

How might one do such a purge? With violence.

Be savage, be greedy. Push your stylistic boundaries beyond where they've ever been before. Don't match color schemes, be rough with prints, add in accessories that create new groundbreaking limits.

By doing such an obscene act, anything you wore pre-purge will be mediocre and meaningless. The flavor will flat out flop. You'll be inspired to always push the limits, to always purge in the means of fashion. 

The look will be phenomenal.

Who is purging right now? Paris Fashion Week.

Zuhair Murad


Dries Van Noten



Jean Paul Gaultier


Anthony Vaccarello

Haid Ackermann

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Donuts & Coffee.

Do you skinny bitches ever have one of those mornings where you just want donuts and coffee? I'm having one of those mornings right now...not like they're such a rarity, but work with me...and maybe it's the New Yorker in me, but I want Dunkin'.

Dirty, dirty Dunkin'.

Chain me down now with the straps of your 2.55 Chanel.

Contrary to what my Instagram portrays, I don't just go around having Beaming smoothies and vegan macro bowls from Native Foods all day errry day. There are times when I want a damn donut (is it gluten free?) and crave a caffeine drip...IV to the vein please.

Where am I going with this blog post you ask?

To Donut Bar, located on 631 B Street (between B Street and 7th Avenue).

Donut Bar

Home of the Monte Cristo Donut, dollar coffee ('like' them on Donut Bar's facebook) and signature specialty flavors like their Limencello and Bourbon Caramel. Open 7 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends until they sell out.

Créme Brulee Donuts

Donut Bar is a great way to start your Thursday, satisfy a craving, catch up with your Dad, be indulgent with your sisters, ignore your clients, think about budgeting for those new Louboutins, go on a date with a hot hipster living in a loft downtown, oh I just talking about me? 

Just go!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Le Café des Chats.

Should you find yourself at Le Café des Chats, I pray to the Gods of Couture that I am not sitting across from you. If you aren't familiar with the French language and you had to type "Le Café des Chats" into Google, "coffee cat" may have come up.

A more so, proper translation would be, "a creepy coffee shop with furry little demons taking over the place, getting hair in your cappuccino foam, and worse...woven into your Crystal Fox Fur coat."

Trés ew.

Whoever thought this sick and twisted idea of a coffee shop is chic needs to have their head examined. If you're a crazy cat lover, or what to do something unique for your Instagram followers, then by all means...check it out the next time you're in Paris.

Put out your cigarette and ban the fur off your shoulders. Brace yourself, darling reader.

Here's what to wear to Le Café des Chats...

For the ladies...

I suggest pair of novelty graphic socks that work as an eccentric accent to your outfit. Love this pair tucked into metallic flats like the pointy-toed Célines featured above.

A chunky ring is the perfect accessory to pair with basic black skinnies or a feminine floral dress, it adds character and breaks up the mold. Plastic is the new gold...

You know how much I love a hipster graphic tee...this one with a multi-colored eye cat to match your other layers with works so well into a look.

For the gentlemen...

A partial Batman mask is a nice touch, it portrays a sense of lust for the cats as if they were the ever seductive Catwoman of your life.

Side Note: LisaPriceInc. reserves all rights to f*ck with her readers on any given time.

Do not go to Le Café des Chats if you are in Paris, you're an idiot if you thought those metallic flats were Céline, plastic is not the new gold, matching a deformity into your outfits color scheme is not hot, and lastly...please men, do not wear a Batman mask and attempt to bond with felines.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Kicks.

Isabel Marant, Wedge Sneakers

Anyone who slightly knows (or stalks) me is fully aware of the fact that I love my Isabels. I wear them with black skinnies, ponchos, floral dresses, bomber leather jackets, menswear inspired button down shirt dresses, fur, whatever! Isabel Marant kicks are the sh*t.

P.S. Before you go any further, make sure you are caught up on How to Wear Your Isabels.

Moving on from Isabels...there are plenty of amazing Fall kicks coming out this season to diversify your sneaker shelf. I recommend getting very well acquainted with them because before you go head over heels for those boots that are made for walkin'. Sneakers are a great transitional shoe...not to mention, a staple in my wardrobe.

Check these out...


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Menswear; Take It Off.

Pictured above, we've got a perfectly hot TD&H (tall, dark, and handsome) with not a single clue on how to dress. We're talking way too much going on. A for Effort, man take it off...

 George Serfes for Calvin Klein

Here we've got a blank C.K. canvas, ready to be dressed up.

Let's start below the waist...

1. No more army green colored pants. If you're going to army green, pair them with a black v-neck and call it a day. If you want to add more, stick to easier played accent colors; red, royal blue, purple, salmon, mustard. Do not pick colors that are affiliated with a job (i.e. prison orange or plumber periwinkle blue).

2. Do like Ryan Gosling and polish up. I dig the whole "matching belt and shoe" effect, but if you're going to pick a light caramel color, be sure to take it down a refined path. If the belt is too clunky (wide), it just looks messy and sticks out. Same goes for the shoes, no matted scuffs if you're matching.

3. Burn in hell...your Abercrombie-esque graphic tee. We're not in college anymore, and if we are...we're not in year 2007 anymore. Move on. I'm all about a black and white hipsterism or band tee. Please, for the love of sex, no slogans or jokes...and don't you dare keep calm and chive on.

4. Watch your neckline. I get that you're a man, but your neckline is still important. Wearing a tee that's rounded and all the way up can sometimes make you look like a hot choke hold when paired with a jacket or a blazer. Be aware.

5. Aviation. Enough said. If you're going leather, just know that aviation is a hot way to go if you want to experiment away from the motorcycle bomber jacket. I love the rounded shoulders and a loose fit. Make sure that your leather jacket fits zipped up, if it doesn't, go one size up.

Monday, September 16, 2013

London Fashion Week 2013; Street Style Edge.

London Fashion Week SS14: Day One

The coolest thing about London Fashion Week is that there is a severe edge on the runway, but even more grit on the streets. Nothing compares to the urban street style of London fashionistas attending the shows and parties during fashion week.

Bernard Chandran SS14 London Fashion Week

Leave your Louboutins at home and slip into some graphic print loafers. Your overcoat pattern clashes with your blazer? That's effing hot. Pack lightly darling, your square crocodile, multi-textured crossbody doesn't quite fit the same amount of junk in it as your signature YSL Muse.

Spotted: Olivia Palermo in mixed prints

Here are a few of my favorite looks this week in London...

Highlighted Words