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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Shoes to Wear with a Herve Leger?

I love my blog's Google Analytics because it shows me all the amazing (and sometimes terrifying) search keywords that you type into Google to get to my blog.

Check out this week's Top 5:
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5. what shoes to wear with a herve leger

So, I figured we'd use this post to address one of the search questions from this week. And's not going to be #3...but you can have the answer anyway, they don't exist. Now, onto your beloved bandage (see Herve Leger Bandage Dress Crimes for a quick refresher):

What shoes to wear with a Herve Leger?

Wear: Strappy, nude, heeled sandals. These are amazing with a pastel bandage because they make your legs go on for miles without taking the attention away from the simple color-hue going on up top.

Don't Wear: Loose, leathery boots of any type. Sorry J. Lo, but this look is so horrible. Not only are your cap-sleeves shortening your arms, but your below-the-knee chunky boots are shortening your legs as well. In bandage, we must always strive for limbs with length.

Wear: A pump with a slightly pointed toe. Avoid looking to rounded all the way from head to toe, which may happen when you pair your circular bandage pattern with a rounded pump.

Don't Wear: Strappy sandals with a turtleneck. Would you wear strappy gladiator flats with a cashmere turtleneck? So why do the exact same thing in tighter, higher form with a bandage turtleneck? Capiche?

Wear: A little bit of 3D texture. I absolutely love Kim K.'s bowed option that she paired with her nude bandage dress above, it completes offers a sleek to fun punch at the bottom. This is "bible."

Don't Wear: Heels that could be gladiator flats. On the red carpet, in a bandage dress, rocking a totally different hue on the color spectrum than the Herve. This. Is. Just. So. Wrong.

Wear: Bandage heels to pick up any accents your dress may have. I really really love an ankle strap like this pair of pumps above, the ankle strap is so flattering and you don't have to worry about shortening your legs because of the already short hem of the dress.

Don't Wear: Shoes.

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  1. I agree with this. Im looking for nude brown shoes. If i cant find any ill just paint them my skintone. Somebody tell fashion nide means nearly naked and that includes ALL skintones from caucasion to black to asian


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