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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Soho House Etiquette.

In 1995, a private members' club for those in film, media and creative industries was founded and became a home away from home for many artistic free spirits. Soho House now has many houses to "create a comfortable home for a community of like-minded, creative people, wherever they are."

Such locations include Toronto's space on Bishops Block, Little House Mayfair, Soho Beach House, Miami, Berlin's Mitte District house, Soho House West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, a converted East London warehouse, Shoreditch House, High Road House, West London, Soho House New York in the Meatpacking District, Electric House on Portobello Road, Notting Hill, Babington House in the heart of Somerset, and of course, Soho House, London.

If you are a member, are good friends with a member, or are simply shagging a member, you will have the opportunity to go to one or all of these private members' clubs.

Please, be sure that your Soho House etiquette is fully established beforehand...

1. Do not ask for autographs. Everyone here is creatively equal. Don't lead on that you weren't.

2. Do not take shots like you're in Cabo. Sip your alcohol, neatly, and it must be from a glass. This means no chugging out of a bottle or off of a body.

3. You may wander around the halls in sunglasses. But, please make sure they are not flashy labels and have no logo on them whatsoever. A recommend pair of blacked out Celinés or Saint Laurents for the ladies, a pair of simple Wayfarers for the men.

4. Do not eavesdrop on someone else's conversation. This is not only evasive but they may accuse you of stealing their artistic ideas. Pay attention to yourself and your friends and ignore everyone else.

5. Do not hook up with a bruting musician in the bathroom. Be unique and creative and go take your business in the dark cinema room or the basement.

6. If served a glass of rosé and it is not properly chilled, you may add ice. But, do not act like white trash and splash around in your glass. Carefully place the ice and pretend it was there all along. Stop drawing attention to yourself, you're not at the W.

7. Do not hog the photo booth. I get it, you're probably a model, or perhaps you're a photographer and are in search of your perfect angle...go take your camera outside of the doors and book a private session.

8. Do not accept drugs. The last thing you need to do is creatively overdose and have to be rolled out of the House on a stretcher. Go do that at Chateau Marmont.

9. Turn off your f*cking phone during a screening. Not only will you make everyone in the room hate you, but you're so unimportant that you just did this that you might as well never come back.

10. Do not be a House poser. You have absolutely no business being here if you A.) Asked somebody to write your membership essay for you or B.) Had to make up your own creative window of expertise...even though that sounds pretty damn creative of you...

Now accepting Every House member dating requests.


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