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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Soho House Etiquette.

In 1995, a private members' club for those in film, media and creative industries was founded and became a home away from home for many artistic free spirits. Soho House now has many houses to "create a comfortable home for a community of like-minded, creative people, wherever they are."

Such locations include Toronto's space on Bishops Block, Little House Mayfair, Soho Beach House, Miami, Berlin's Mitte District house, Soho House West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, a converted East London warehouse, Shoreditch House, High Road House, West London, Soho House New York in the Meatpacking District, Electric House on Portobello Road, Notting Hill, Babington House in the heart of Somerset, and of course, Soho House, London.

If you are a member, are good friends with a member, or are simply shagging a member, you will have the opportunity to go to one or all of these private members' clubs.

Please, be sure that your Soho House etiquette is fully established beforehand...

1. Do not ask for autographs. Everyone here is creatively equal. Don't lead on that you weren't.

2. Do not take shots like you're in Cabo. Sip your alcohol, neatly, and it must be from a glass. This means no chugging out of a bottle or off of a body.

3. You may wander around the halls in sunglasses. But, please make sure they are not flashy labels and have no logo on them whatsoever. A recommend pair of blacked out Celinés or Saint Laurents for the ladies, a pair of simple Wayfarers for the men.

4. Do not eavesdrop on someone else's conversation. This is not only evasive but they may accuse you of stealing their artistic ideas. Pay attention to yourself and your friends and ignore everyone else.

5. Do not hook up with a bruting musician in the bathroom. Be unique and creative and go take your business in the dark cinema room or the basement.

6. If served a glass of rosé and it is not properly chilled, you may add ice. But, do not act like white trash and splash around in your glass. Carefully place the ice and pretend it was there all along. Stop drawing attention to yourself, you're not at the W.

7. Do not hog the photo booth. I get it, you're probably a model, or perhaps you're a photographer and are in search of your perfect angle...go take your camera outside of the doors and book a private session.

8. Do not accept drugs. The last thing you need to do is creatively overdose and have to be rolled out of the House on a stretcher. Go do that at Chateau Marmont.

9. Turn off your f*cking phone during a screening. Not only will you make everyone in the room hate you, but you're so unimportant that you just did this that you might as well never come back.

10. Do not be a House poser. You have absolutely no business being here if you A.) Asked somebody to write your membership essay for you or B.) Had to make up your own creative window of expertise...even though that sounds pretty damn creative of you...

Now accepting Every House member dating requests.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 Signs You're Allergic to Mornings.

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a total allergic reaction that doesn't subside until just before noon? Do you down coffee like it's Benadryl and break out in hives at the thought of working out before work? If so, you, my darling, may be allergic to mornings.

Take my self diagnostic test to find out:

1. At your 6 am yoga class, do you:
a) Get down in your downward facing dog.
b) Take a shavasana.
c) Not ever attend a 6 am yoga class.

2. Describe your typical morning hairstyle:
a) A fresh DIY blow out.
b) A messy top knot.
c) Multiple messy knots woven all throughout your hair.

3. In line at Starbucks, what do you order:
a) Herbal Breakfast Tea.
b) A Grande Coffee, Bold Roast.
c) A Venti Americano with a Quadruple-Shot Espresso on the side. 

4. What kind of shoes are your morning staples:
a) A pair of understated Louboutin pumps.
b) A pair of chic Charlotte Olympia flats.
c) A left Louboutin pump and a right Charlotte Olympia cat embellished flat.

5. When it's time to start responding to emails, do you:
a) Form proper sentences.
b) Copy a responses from previous emails sent to other clients.
c) Hit 'delete.'

If you answered C more than once, I'm here to tell you that you are allergic to mornings. But don't worry, this is as common of an allergy as to gluten or dandelion pollen, and I have some great cures to try out to put you into better shape upon the rise and shine hour.

The following are a few great allergy reliefs for mornings...

Tip #1: Hydrate well before you go to bed after drinking a bottle of champagne with your girlfriend on Wednesday night. I recommend chugging a bottle of blk. (bee-el-kay) - it's fulvic-enhanced all-natural mineral water that I'm obsessed with. Save your coconut water for post-yoga tomorrow.

Tip #2: Invest in a really cool pair of Nikes as frequently as it takes you to get excited about them in the morning. I understand that this may become a hoarding problem, so don't go crazy, but do keep your fitness gear appealing for those wee hours of the morning so that you make it to your trainer on time.

Tip #3: Get a really cool mug that makes you happy. My go-to coffee mug is a fabulous Henri Bendel mug that I picked up in the store last time I was visiting the city. It fills my morning hunger and sleepiness with amazing memories and I'm totally ok with downing only one cup. Quality over quantity, always remember that.

Tip #4: Now, I'm not telling you to become a dog owner, but find something in the morning to motivate you to want to get up! Whether it's a puppy that needs a walk, a girlfriend who wants to chat, or maybe a boyfriend who wants to get it get the picture.

Tip #5: This feeling. Don't worry, you'll get there.

Good morning, darling!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's Have A Kiki.

A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. Now let's reverse this sentence and think about it. We go on and on and on about James Franco's multi-piece Gucci suits and Daniel Craig's Tom Ford stunners. It's time to pay some attention to our lingerie, ladies. And the best and only way I can initiate this revelation is to say, "Let's Have A Kiki."

What is a Kiki, you ask? It's certainly not a Scissor Sisters making. A Kiki is a piece of lingerie from the finest luxury lingerie boutique to have graced only a few lucky cities in the United States. This sexy shop is called Kiki de Montparnasse and is entirely essentialYou can find Kiki in New York City's SoHo, off Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and in Crystals at MGM CityCenter, Las Vegas. I've been to all three, and my very favorite is the boutique in Crystals...and that wasn't just the vintage Cristal talking.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces this season laying in satin at Kiki...

I also love this:

And this:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Super cool rings that your boyfriend won't think to get you...

Men are retarded. Correction...straight men are retarded. And unfortunately, those are the ones that us women are forced to date.

Men do not understand that it is totally acceptable to give a girlfriend a really amazing ring without having to actually put a ring on it.

My very favorite pieces of jewelry are rings. I wear them all the time.

Would I love a super cool ring as a symbol of affection and no promise of commitment? F*ck yeah.

Check out these super cool rings that your boyfriend won't think to get you...










Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fashionable Game Night.

Sipping a dirty martini in a luxe hotel bar is only fun maybe 5 nights out of the week, max...and never on a Saturday. To stir the gin-soaked blue cheese stuffed olives up a bit, I suggest throwing a really fun and fashionable game night.

1. Get yourself set up with some games. As much as I love Faux Croc, other really fun options are Twister for the flexible bitches and Cards Against Humanity for the raunchy intoxicated players.

2. Stock up on new alcohols. The one above is ROOT Organic Liqueur and is 80 proof, 40% alc/vol. Try it neat, over ice, or in a cocktail...sounds like a pretty great drinking game to me right there.

3. What's strong liqueur without salty snacks? Fred's at Barneys New York has amazing mixes like the one above available at Barneys or online. I love the New York Mix because it reminds me of sitting in a plush chair at Salon de Ning, the rooftop bar at the Peninsula Hotel NYC playing backgammon on my boyfriend of the time's iPad.

4. You heard the man...the most interesting man in the world...he cranks his speakers to Daft Punk. And I think that's a great thing to crank your speakers to on game night.

5. Lastly, what's a game night without milk and cookies? Or was that Christmas Eve...I forget. Regardless, the follow are my three favorite cookie recipes - and they're super easy too!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Sunglasses that Transition into Fall.

It's nearing mid-August and the summer season has been going on for quite some time now. I think it's safe to assume that a few of you have lost, smashed, or cracked a pair of favorite sunglasses. The worst thing ever is having to buy a new pair of sunglasses to replace an old. It's much more fun just to add to the collection...obviously. Instead of buying an identical replacement pair, I suggest you buy a pair of summer sunglasses that transition into the upcoming fall season.

Here are a few classic shady choices that work playfully outside in sunny summer months, but also look super chic come fall...


1. A pair of cat eyes embraces the silly mood of summer, but switches to a sophisticated retro look for fall. In a dark frame with slightly colored lenses, Nikita by Tom Ford totally works.


2. In this fab pair by Oliver Goldsmith, Manhattan (1960) compliments any season of the year with a black to tortoise frame. A brown-black wardrobe's best friend.


3. Adrian by Tom Ford is a classic pair that can be worn poolside in a cabana or walking with a 'can't be bothered' stamp on the forehead through Bergdorfs in the fall.


4. I absolutely love this pair of Chloé sunglasses because, and I swear on LisaPriceInc., the Rounded Square Frame Sunglasses flatter any face shape...and that's fashionable for all seasons.


5. The basic Wayfarer works for any season as a classic staple to any wardrobe. You can't get much more classically polished than from Lanvin's Square Wayfarer.


6. A dark tortoise looks amazing on a geometric frame. I absolutely love Oliver Goldsmith's Tak (1967) in an almost burgundy tortoise shell hue.


7. Bottega Veneta is known for a unique shape and the 199/S sunglasses hold up with that statement. A unique shape is a flattering statement for all seasons alike if you can pull it off.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Last Look of Wedding Season; Guest Edition.

You know that movie 27 Dresses? I'm sure some of you feel like you racked up that many dresses attending weddings alone this season. As the time to say "I do" is starting to end, you may have one lone wedding left to attend. Unfortunately, your creativity and budget may not be as flourished as the flowers lining the aisle at the first wedding you attended...or the fifth.

Here are a few out of the box, budget-savvy dresses (under $300!) that I guarantee no stylish wedding guest has thought to wear this wedding season...

For the "Boho Barn Wedding":

Stone Cold Fox

For the "Conservative Church Wedding":

Tory Burch

For the "Garden Wedding":

Ted Baker

For the "Beach Wedding":


For the "Day-Time Formal Wedding":

Alice and Olivia

For the "Evening Urban Wedding":

Free People

For the "Wedding Your Ex is At":

The Perfect Dress
Tom Ford

Monday, August 12, 2013

September Just Can't Come Fast Enough; Fall 2013, Teaser.

Late at night once Sex and the City reruns are over and it seems as if the entire outside world is fast asleep, I like to play dress up in my mind by looking at some of my favorite designers' Fall 2013 collections. For me, September just can't come fast enough. The black, the metal hardware, the intense structures...I crave it all.

Here is a preview of what my closet is currently lusting after next season...

Céline Fall 2013

Givenchy Fall 2013
Amanda Seyfried

Hermès Fall 2013

Balmain Fall 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2013

Highlighted Words