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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yikes!...I did it again.

Have you ever had one of those nights where you were just plain on a mission and you wake up the next morning on the top deck of a 400-foot yacht under a flame-proof captain's blanket with an empty bottle of Don Julio 1942 in your hand? Tell me that's not totally normal.

So last weekend, I woke up from the above scenario feeling just short of a negative million bucks. I collected my Louboutins...and my girlfriend...and we "bid adieu" to our shipmates as we got the hell out of there. At this point, it was about 9 am on Sunday morning and we were definitely not wanting to spend the entire rest of the sunny day holed up on the couch.

Next mission? We ditched our Louboutins, changed into Lululemon, and booked it to bBar.

As we were picking out our juices in hopes of flushing out the Don running through our veins, I began telling last night's story to the friendly staff. Little did I know, the girl behind the counter was about to save my life

She said, "Yikes!"
I'm like, "I know, right!"
She goes, "No, Yikes! You need Yikes!"

(By this time I figure I've died and gone to hell in a Prada handbag as the word "Yikes!" is echoing over and over in my head...)

She continues to tell me that "Yikes!" is a brand new hangover cure that Beaming developed.

"Tell me no more. Give me two," I say.

The staff whipped up these magical "Yikes!" concoctions and within seconds of taking my first sip, I instantly felt better. My eyes were actually opening, the room had steadied, and I could actually stand up straight and stop resembling Quasimodo. 

"Yikes!" there really is a God!

So whether you're waking up on a yacht, waking up after Opening Day at the Del Mar Horse Races this Wednesday, or just simply waking up after being on a mission of your own and not feeling your absolute best, head straight to bBar and say one word, "Yikes!" - they'll know just what to do.

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