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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Traveling in Style & Slumber; Mastering the Red-Eye Flight to MBFW!

Red-Eye Flight (defined): The term red-eye derives from the fatigue symptom of having red eyes, which can be caused or aggravated by late-night travel. A red-eye flight typically moves east during the night hours. It departs late at night, lasts only about three to five hours, an insufficient period to get fully rested in flight, and due to forward time zone changes the aircraft lands around dawn. As a result, many travelers are unable to get sufficiently rested before a new day of activity.

What wikipedia failed to mention are the following side effects: a face so dry a vat of La Mer can't solve your problems, a ruined blow out from the static cling attached to your inflight fleece blanket, a migraine from the bottle of champagne you drank the night before trying to baby cries and turbulence, irrational hunger pains that make you crave every carb in the book upon landing, and a "morning after" outfit without even getting any.


Exactly one week from today, I will be landing in Miami at 6 am for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week off a red-eye flight...not the week to look beat before it even begins. I am desperately doing my research now so I don't wake up with any one of these side effects. 

Here's what I've come up with so far...

1. An eye mask for sleeping. Preferably one with little gel packets on the inside to regulate face puffiness.

$410 - 745

2. A heavy cream. But, remember not to get too dense of one because the lack of air circulation in the airplane will not let it breathe and you'll be sitting there with your face in a gloppy mess only attracting airborne germs. 

3. Speaking of airborne... These little packets are essential. I take them with me any time I am on the run or traveling. They seriously save lives. No MD license required.

4. A Hermès scarf or shawl. Ditch that damn fleece blanket and wrap yourself up in a shawl. Or, if you just can't pry your hands off the synthetic recycled materials given to you next to your barf bag, wrap your hair up with a silk scarf...blow out protected.

5. Avoid looking totally disheveled from the night before. Dress appropriately. This doesn't mean tight Balmain leather pants and Louboutins - sooo uncomfortable - but, try to wear something comfortable to fall asleep in that is acceptable to see during daylight least until your car is brought.

6. Stock up on your Beaming essentials. I like to order a one-day reset cleanse to pick apart and snack on during flight and to have on hand for after. Just make sure to check your airline regulations so you aren't forced to throw away your juices at security!

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