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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Shoe Shopping for Hot Men.

Ladies, are you so sick of seeing hot men in ugly shoes? Men, just because you're hot doesn't mean you can slack off in the footwear department. And why are ugly shoes on hot men so much more noticeable in the summertime? Because generally speaking, they don't have long Armani dress pants to hide their clunky shoes on weekends and insist on wearing those same shoes with seersucker daylight - yikes!

Let me break it down for you as briefly as possible...

No: Cuffed dress pants, ugly printed socks, black lace up loafers.

Yes: Cuffed white pants, no socks, ivory Ferragamo loafers in soft leather.

No: Rick Owens x Adidas Collaboration, Spring 2014.

Not quite: Perforated Nikes with cuffed khakis.

Yes: Nikes with Nike shorts.

Absolutely yes: Nike golf attire.

No: Thom Browne SS13 Men’s Unconstructed Seersucker Shorts with metallic moon shoes, are you in a circus?

Yes: Pink seersucker shorts and unconstructed beige lace ups, are you a model?

Hell yes: Man with a dog, rolled up seersucker shorts, and no ugly shoes, marry me?

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