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Monday, July 8, 2013

Skin Sabotager; Hot Humidity.

We all know that stress can wreck serious havoc on our diets, on our credit cards, and on our under eye circles. PMS pimples are not hot either. Another skin sabotager we often forget about is hot humidity, warm weather's evil friend.

I've found some amazing products that put my pores in check, and I want to share them with you so you don't have to spend your entire summer covered up in concealer.

Test these out...

1. Sunscreen that doesn't make your face a sloppy, swampy mess. I've been obsessed with Kiehl's ever since I used to steal boyfriends' face wash back in the day. This sunscreen is a gift from the skin Gods. Not only is it SPF 50 (way higher than the SPF you get in your Chanel tinted moisturizer) but it's super light, fast to dry so you can apply your make up instantly, and this little tube lasts all summer long.

2. Diamond Life Infusion, need I say more? Yes, you read the price correctly...this 0.8 fl oz pump applicator is the price of a signature pair of Jimmy Choo's. My girlfriend introduced me to the line one of the last times we were at Neimans and it's seriously life changing. This product regulates Skin Age Biomarkers (slows aging process and preserves youth) and has a little ingredient called Bio-Magnet Nanosomes (the ultimate skin rejuvenators). This diamond is truly a girl's best friend.

3. Vitamin C without having to cut up oranges and lay them all over your face. As you probably already know, Vitamin C is the greatest natural vitamin for brightening up skin tone and fixing uneven splotches (age spots). Stop drinking a glass of poisonous, concentrated Tropicana first thing each morning and get an even greater concentrated C fix with this little serum dropper. 

4. Moisturizing cream that doesn't resemble clotted cream. Put away your damn La Mer for the summer months. It's way too heavy for humidity. RéVive has an amazing hydrator that is like a spoon full of sugar fix to your dry skin. I don't usually use products from this line, but the moisturizing renewal cream is the first thing I grab from my medicine cabinet (okay, closet) when I want an instant moisturizing fix and don't feel like glopping on the heavy creams and serums.

5. Natura Bisse and Vitamin C in one. This product is everything. For a much affordable spray than the previously mentioned Natura Bisse infusion, and a lighter approach to the Vitamin C Ester Serum, this product is instant revitalization. Spray first thing upon waking up or anytime throughout the day when you need a refresher.
6. Keep clean for cheap, without being cheap. Make up wipes are wonderful for a late night before you face plant into your pillow, but when you only use face wipes and don't actually wash off your face night after night, you're just spreading gunk around. Be sure to cut through your make up wipe residue with a good wash every once in awhile (or every night for you over achievers). Erno Laszlo has amazingly priced products that cost just over your 60-sheet face wipe pack from MAC. 

7. Polish up so good you want to eat it up. We all love Fresh products and since a young age, I'm sure you've been religiously keeping a stick of sugar in your purse. I am obsessed with this Sugar Face Polish (along with many others who voted this product as a NM Beauty Award Finalist). Unlike cheapo drug store masks that damage more than they fix, this mask is simple and offers results. Plus it smells so good you want to lick it right off your cheeks.

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