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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Cuff Your Trousers; All Gender Edition.


Cuffing your trousers is a tricky situation. There are so many ways to turn a cute, cropped look into a catastrophe. And although this folded look has been trending across the seasons for decades, it seems to be most popular during summer months for two reasons:

1. You wear better shoes to show off beneath a crop (no one tucks their hems while wearing Hunter' least I hope not). This is the best part about a cuffed hem in fact! Pointy-toed CĂ©lines have never looked so good.

2. It's effing hot outside.

How to cuff your trousers appropriately however, is an entirely different length of a list. The do's an don'ts are endless. While researching this topic, I've come to find that most rules stand for both females and males alike. So whatever you have going on beneath your belt, take from this advice to make sure you're cuffed correctly at the very bottom.

Now, let me show you how to tuck and fold your hems correctly...

1. Don't cuff your heavy blue denim. Don't wear patent loafers without socks.

2. Cuff right below the calf, just before the skinniest part of your ankle.

3. Be careful cuffing solid dark fabrics with no texture, your legs could look midge.

4. See? Much better.

5. Feel free to cuff your leather. Badass.

6. Don't cuff and trench.

7. Do cuff and blazer it.

8. This may be all wrong, but he's just so hot. Do.

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