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Monday, June 24, 2013

Whimsical Solstice.

Hotel Athenee, Paris

Tell me, a more playful and classically carefree time of the year than the first few days of summer? The summer solstice has passed us darlings, and the sunny days are only getting shorter from here on out, it's time to make your wardrobe as whimsical as possible!

How to channel this approach without looking too completely childish?

Check out these suggestions...


Gravitate towards a floral print with defined edges (outlines in the sketch). If you take on a floral print that's a huge glob of color and consumes the entire fabric without leaving a "backdrop" to lay on, you risk looking like a mess of a Monet. This Dolce & Gabbana piece above leaves a perfect splash of white and the floral print is elegant without looking like drapery.

$299 Sale
I absolutely love pastel wedges in summer, especially with freshly bronzed legs from the sun. Just be sure to watch your materials - absolutely no pastel patent allowed! I love the suede (shown in the above pair of Miu Miu's) and anything resembling a cloth fabric is great for daytime. I strongly urge you to go on and buy this pair or one like it because it's less than half the price of the original - a complete steal.
The best part of playing dress up, except for picking out the shoes, is raiding the jewelry box. I'm a huge fan of costume jewelry especially when it has to do with a huge collage of jewels. Sharon Khazzam takes the essence of childhood dress up and mixes it with high end gems to create beautiful statement pieces to add to any wardrobe selection.

Jean Paul Gaultier does the best caftans in the world. I have an entire drawer full of them and would wear them on the street if I could. Thrown over a bikini or a cut out one-piece, these caftans are the best poolside accessory this summer. If you stick to Jean Paul, you'll never have trouble finding a beautiful pattern and will be almost guaranteed to be one of a kind with his exclusive numbers.

Let me tell you right now how madly obsessed I am with Sheer d'Armani. From a girl who only wears Chanel Allure and Tom Ford bolds, it's not easy switching up my lip accessories, but Armani makes a new favorite. The Vintage Pink Collection is a favorite for summer and works day and night for a natural kiss of the pout.

$149 Sale

Normally, I'd say ban all usage of sequins from May to October, but DVF does sequins right all year long with her Elley Mini Printed Sequins Skirt. If you haven't seen this piece in person, all department stores are carrying it. I absolutely love the white and black with a splash of color and the sequins are so understated that it makes this skirt sparkle with chic.

The Foldover is about to be your very best friend. Not only does it come in a fresh matted coral color, but it works as an amazing tote to carry around all of your day's worth of belongings by channeling your inner Mary Poppins and unfolding into an endless pit. I know, us women love our endless pits of bags. When it comes time to go out, just unload your possessions and fold back up for a fun summer clutch.

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