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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Skirts Exposed.

It's summertime and the best time of the year to rock a fun, casual skirt. Looking through style pins, I found some absolute skirt disasters putting themselves out in the open to the public eye. I've chosen three looks that highlight some serious skirt crimes in hopes that you'll learn from them and not create the same catastrophe on the streets.

Don't worry, no faces were exposed...

1. Celibate in the City.

Congratulations. You've officially given a skirt absolutely no sex appeal whatsoever. How the hell did you do it? White linen top with no structure, hemline at the calf, gladiator shoes an actual gladiator would wear. You sure did frigid it up nicely.

2. Patterned Poverty.

There are three things wrong with the skirt. "Three things?" you ask. No darling, more than three things, but we don't have time to go through them all. One, the atrocious print. Two, the tiered skirt layers. Three, the waistband. Case and point: Not all gorgeous models have a brain large enough to dress themselves.

3. My (un)Favorite Martian.

Where did you drop from? Out of space? This look imitates a martian, and definitely not my favorite martian. Your sweater and shoes need a pair of "Audrey" cropped slim trousers and your skirt needs to be burned. P.S. No one wears that shape of sunglasses here on Earth.

Now, here are a few of my favorite summer looks that I urge you to engulf and copy away...

1. Sporty and short.

2. Paired with a simple black tank.

3. Colorful, high-waisted, Chanel belted, chic.


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