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Monday, June 3, 2013

So, you're dating a short guy...

My sister and I were just discussing the Short Guy Hotness Phenomenon. Recently, shorter guys have started to appear hotter and hotter. Maybe it's something in the milk that make the tall ones grow out goofier, or maybe my sister and I are just drinking from the wrong organic almond milk that make us seem tall to all the guys we want to date.

Regardless, I totally get it if you're into a guy that's short. I mean I'm pretty into Usher and at 5'8" he's coming in an inch shorter than me. That's not slumming it, is it? Definitely not.

So, you're dating a short need to slouch or hide your 5-inch Fendis. Short guys get off to tall girls. But, here are some hot shoe options, away from your "average flat(liner)s" I highly (shortly?) recommend for keeping things a little bit more on the same level:


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