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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Wear Your Isabels.

I'm absolutely in lust with Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers. I think they're trendy, edgy, and hip as f*ck. I just got a pair of all white Isabels this past weekend in San Francisco and they're my newest favorite addition to my shoe closet. Moon shoes or not, on my size-Shrek feet, I'm obsessed. It pays to have big feet when it's the last pair in the company - score!

Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers are rare for a reason, darling reader. She doesn't want just anybody rocking these because I'm not going to lie, there's a lot that can go very wrong, even for the most fashionable of fashionistas.

Before you consider owning a pricey pair, I suggest you take some guidelines to heart...

1. Never rock a fake. If you aren't willing to fork over $665 for a pair of basics, I highly doubt the other pieces of your outfit will be able to keep up. No offense, but if you don't want to invest...don't attempt.

2. Keep your white clean. Unless you've chosen a solid dark color (black, navy, blood red, etc.) prepare your princess a** to keep your white clean - whether it's an all white pair or white and color pair. Out to the club? Avoid the sloppy slut's vodka cran. Roaming the streets? Watch the gum. At your friend's penthouse? Remember, not all penthouse pooches are trained. Moral of the story: be aware. I recommend wiping down your pair after every use, this is not a sneaker to get grunge.

3. Velcro up. I've seen it attempted before, a creative rendition of Velcro strap placement. If you're confused, ask your 3-year old niece to help you out. Velcro-ing up goes in order, left to right, and all the way up the wedge. The only Velcro strap you're allowed to leave undone is the top ankle strap underneath the top part of the shoe tongue.

4. Accessorizing for dummy's. Stick with the trend! These sneakers are hip, not elegant. Don't pair your wedges with a pearl necklace, even (and especially) if it's a classic piece by Chanel. Think Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Usher, or Olsen. Make it trendy and hot. My recommendations: oversized scarves, sick hats, and leather bomber jackets.

5. Mix it up. You don't only have to wear black skinnies and a bomber jacket with these kicks (even though that's my uniform). I love a pair of Isabels paired with shorty short sheer floral dress, a high-low edgy maxi, high-waisted shorts with an over-sized off the shoulder sweatshirt...get creative.

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