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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dress for the Rain; Male Edition

So I get it, it's so hard to look cool wearing rain gear when you're a man. Especially when you're in Southern California and totally not prepared for a 12-hour downpour in May.

Rain jacket? Only if you drive a Maserati. I swear, men driving a Maserati are the only ones decked out in the waterproof windbreakers...even when it's not raining. I saw three hot shots driving to work this morning, all wearing matching puffers. One of them even had his top down. Show off.

Rain boots? Fine, stick it out in your chucks, bad boy...but hello, soggy socks.

Umbrella? Not even relevant if you put on the damn jacket with the hood, and when I say the damn jacket with the hood, I mean a waterproof jacket...not your old band's hoodie.

So how are you to dress for the rain? Simple. First, invest in one of these...

All options are short, light, and actually look cool. Oh, and they have a hood - which is essential.
Then, pick out one of these...

You better love me, I just gave you some sweet kicks to pick from and none of them are the "hipster" lace up boots (which I love, and I'm sure you were expecting). The three options above are perfect for our Southern California downpour and transition perfectly throughout the season. I even included Nikes...super cool, I know.

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