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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Black Sundresses; Contradiction or Latest Edition?

Shopping around this season, I've noticed a huge abundance of black still lurking on the racks. No complaints here, black is my signature. However, I got to thinking about black there really such a thing?

When I think of sundresses I picture white linens, pale yellow and pink cotton, some type of "creme de la creme" crochet, etc. Black dresses that are short enough to be called sundresses get filed into the casual L.B.D. section of my closet, but maybe they deserve a second thought when categorizing.

Instead of contradicting themselves, I put my foot forward and say they're the latest edition.

Here are some casual black LBDs that work as the perfect sundress...

Pair with: a bold clutch, strappy platforms or chunky wedges, and lots of delicious arm candy.

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