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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Menswear; Denim, the Breakdown.

Denim for men is like big over-sized sunnies to females...totally essential. A man with a killer pair of jeans for his body can hide all (most) flaws. Same thing goes for us women and our blacked out Chanels, the ultimate flaw hiders...beware.

What bugs me more than anything is a man walking around in denim that is no good.

Too short? Preparing for a flood are we?
Too tight? Time to cut out those late night carbs...
Too long? Is your spine shrinking already?
Too loose? Don't even get me started on that sag.

These are all highly preventable problems that I've just listed.

It's all about getting a good fit, and when your fit starts to's time to get yourself a new pair. I know the investment of a new pair of jeans is just about as terrifying as picking out an engagement ring, but I promise it comes with way less commitment (and a smaller receipt).

Here are a few pairs of jeans that I recommend for standard builds, if you're not sure about the fit or your build, walk right into Bloomingdales (great denim department) and ask for some's not like you're asking for directions.

Check them out...

$159 Sale
That's right, and I kept them all under $200.

Oh, one last pair...

JK, this is so not ok.

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