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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ignore It; Platform Gone Wrong.

Ok. So, I'm really having a hard time ignoring the chunky low platform "wedge" sandals that are out right now...both in department stores and on the streets...yikes! And when I say I'm having a hard time ignoring them, it's not in a good way.

What were these designers thinking?  
Out of comfort? Never a good idea.

Better question...what are these consumers thinking? These are the most hideous shoes, in all shapes and colors...unless of course the shape magically transforms itself into a 5.2-inch red sole of the heel.

Oh dearest Marni, I just recently fell in love with you all over again with your newly renovated line of the classic Mary Jane...are you wanting to throw away this special thing we had with these disastrous slingback wedge sandals? Cringe, ankle strap to boot.

Not to mention you, Chloé...with your addition of a weathered wicker patio furniture set conversion to the platform sandal. And what is with that dull teal? Never have I heard of this shade of tanorexic camel being mixed with teal.

For God's sake Louboutin, how could you? Stooping down to a 2-inch heel and shaving your spikes into studs? What kind of Cataclou crack are you on? I don't even believe there's a red sole hiding under this catastrophe.
I hope you understand where I'm coming from, dear reader. Please don't give in to this nightmare of a trend. As you see, even top of the line designers made this mistake. Don't even get me started on Fendi carelessly sabotaging their precious python on this design.


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