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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dating Gone Skinny: San Diego Edition.

A date doesn't always have to be Pretty Woman status for it to be a success. There are plenty of places to go that don't involve shopping on Rodeo Drive, flinging escargot across the restaurant, and hooking up on the lid of a grand piano.

Wining and dining is nice (and essential to falling in lust), but you don't have to soak your carbs in truffle oil and wash it all down with a bottle or two of wine...every night. I'm a huge fan of unconventional, health inspired dates.

I mean, you kill yourself at the gym for the guy so you can look good wearing minimal clothing, you might as well leave the date feeling like you're still the skinny b*tch you were an hour ago.

Give your reservation at Mr. A's a rain check while you check out these skinny places to flirt at in San Diego...

1. Head to Trifecta Tavern, located inside of Whole Foods Market Del Mar. Here, you'll find a huge assortment of beer and wine (reds, whites, and sparkling) and "healthy" tavern-esque style bites. I recommend a flute of bubbles & sushi! Ok ok, and the flatbread pizzas are amazing.

2. Get your booty to bBar Superfood Vitality Bar, also located in Del Mar, for a superfood smoothie and a protein bite (2 for $5...meant to be). Show your edgy side by ordering my favorite smoothie, the Rockstar! Super (food) hot.

3. The Belly of the Beast never sounded so sexy as it does coming from Underbelly, located in San Diego's chicly urban hang out, Little Italy. Order your noodles vegan and boost your metabolism with some hot hot spices and attractive people watching.

4. True Food Kitchen is an absolute necessity, located at Fashion Valley Mall (next to Hèrmes). Keep it virgin with a Kale Aid or liven up the fun with a coconut water infused cocktail. Obsessed with the seasonal menu items, get them while they're thriving!

5. Look good naked after leaving The Naked Cafe, there's one located in Point Loma and one in Encinitas. Opt for a variety of protein/carb/fat breakdown options on the menu and enjoy almond milk in your latte.


  1. Nice thanks for the suggestions this is not just a struggle for you ladies ;)

    1. So glad to hear a man on the same page! See female readers, not all men have to have their beer and burger and eat it too! ;) Xo.

  2. Whole foods, healthy food + picnic basket + Torrey pines or glider port at sunset.

    Healthy + romantic


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