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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 Things to Give Yourself after a Break Up.

Break ups suck. They're awkward, emotional, and no matter how much champagne you drink, you realize that going through another bottle of it will only give you more calories, not comfort.

Here are 5 things to give yourself after a break up...

1. A fancy new gym membership.
Tip: if you have a good enough break up story, they may knock down your entire initiation fee and schedule you a comped Swedish massage at the spa. 

2. A new boy.
Tip: get one in a neutral color so you don't get lonely, you want to be able to wear it on your arm everywhere for the next 48 days or until you find a replacement.

3. Higher than hell heels.
Tip: the higher the better, be lucky the only thing you're overcompensating for is a low point in your day and nothing physical. 

4. Waterproof mascara.
Tip: and buy yourself some good eye make-up remover while you're at it, this sh*t does not come off.

5. A boarding pass.
Tip: avoid all "honeymoon" destinations and get on that plane far far away for at least a week. 

Now move on, darling.


  1. All great ideass, to this I would add a new haircut too. :)



  2. I love this. Great post. Hope you are well. Xo♥

  3. Love this post Lisa! Get that boarding pass and come to SF!


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