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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lashes to Lashes Giveaway!

The weather is warming up and it's time to start stripping down your cold routine. Welcome, welcome, the season for minimal clothing and minimal make up...who has time to sit in front of a mirror applying layers of La Mer when the poolside bartender is calling your name?

Luckily, your lashes can still be maximized thanks to an essential beauty hotspot in Del Mar, Lashes to Lashes. I'm sure you remember them from their last feature (Lashes to Lashes on LisaPriceInc.) on the blog, or perhaps you took my advice and have become well acquainted with the gorgeous staff...oh, darling if you haven't, you're missing out!

Good news, regardless of your currently lash situation, Lashes to Lashes is giving one lovely reader a full set of bat worthy eyelashes of their own! I'm talking full on bing! effect. You know, that magical little thing that happens when you first open your eyes in the morning and bing! your eyelashes are perfectly set. Le sigh. It's like Christmas morning and there is a beautiful Caviar Chanel bag perched beneath the Christmas tree.

The giveaway will begin today (April 30, 2013) and end one week from that day (May 7, 2013)!

LisaPriceInc. and Lashes to Lashes are trying out a new giveaway format, so I hope that you darling readers like it! All you have to do is sign yourself in below and enter using one or all three options (for additional entries). If it isn't working for you, you can complete all the entry options manually and I promise they will still count towards the giveaway! Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(858) 888-3231
Del Mar, California 92014 

Side note: To get the most out of your lashes, I highly suggest getting your skin to it's maximum beauty potential! Since you won't be worrying about wearing eye make-up, why even bother making up the rest if you have gorgeous skin to boot! Lashes to Lashes offers top of the line, medical grade skincare. All of the skin procedures are made custom to your personal skin needs and wants. I personally love the Vitamin C facial, it's insanely refreshing and makes my skin brighter than a sunshine yellow Birkin! Take a look at Lashes to Lashes Skincare Menu to see what fabulous procedures can be done to your skin.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decor; Save Your Fragrance Bottles!

I came across such a chic decor idea on Pinterest the other day...using your empty fragrance bottles to hold flowers! Obviously, most perfume bottles don't have this wide of a brim (unless you got a huge ouncer), but the idea is just fab.

Check some of these out for inspiration:

So suitable, daisies for Marc Jacobs.

A single pink flower, timeless as Chanel.
And I'm also obsessed with using these bottles to hold incense:

Super edgy, perfect amount of darkness.

How to get started? Spritz away! I definitely recommend stopping by Barney's to check out their fragrance counter for the latest, most unique bottles. Obviously, that's part of the decor fun.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ignore It; Platform Gone Wrong.

Ok. So, I'm really having a hard time ignoring the chunky low platform "wedge" sandals that are out right now...both in department stores and on the streets...yikes! And when I say I'm having a hard time ignoring them, it's not in a good way.

What were these designers thinking?  
Out of comfort? Never a good idea.

Better question...what are these consumers thinking? These are the most hideous shoes, in all shapes and colors...unless of course the shape magically transforms itself into a 5.2-inch red sole of the heel.

Oh dearest Marni, I just recently fell in love with you all over again with your newly renovated line of the classic Mary Jane...are you wanting to throw away this special thing we had with these disastrous slingback wedge sandals? Cringe, ankle strap to boot.

Not to mention you, Chloé...with your addition of a weathered wicker patio furniture set conversion to the platform sandal. And what is with that dull teal? Never have I heard of this shade of tanorexic camel being mixed with teal.

For God's sake Louboutin, how could you? Stooping down to a 2-inch heel and shaving your spikes into studs? What kind of Cataclou crack are you on? I don't even believe there's a red sole hiding under this catastrophe.
I hope you understand where I'm coming from, dear reader. Please don't give in to this nightmare of a trend. As you see, even top of the line designers made this mistake. Don't even get me started on Fendi carelessly sabotaging their precious python on this design.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dating Gone Skinny: San Diego Edition.

A date doesn't always have to be Pretty Woman status for it to be a success. There are plenty of places to go that don't involve shopping on Rodeo Drive, flinging escargot across the restaurant, and hooking up on the lid of a grand piano.

Wining and dining is nice (and essential to falling in lust), but you don't have to soak your carbs in truffle oil and wash it all down with a bottle or two of wine...every night. I'm a huge fan of unconventional, health inspired dates.

I mean, you kill yourself at the gym for the guy so you can look good wearing minimal clothing, you might as well leave the date feeling like you're still the skinny b*tch you were an hour ago.

Give your reservation at Mr. A's a rain check while you check out these skinny places to flirt at in San Diego...

1. Head to Trifecta Tavern, located inside of Whole Foods Market Del Mar. Here, you'll find a huge assortment of beer and wine (reds, whites, and sparkling) and "healthy" tavern-esque style bites. I recommend a flute of bubbles & sushi! Ok ok, and the flatbread pizzas are amazing.

2. Get your booty to bBar Superfood Vitality Bar, also located in Del Mar, for a superfood smoothie and a protein bite (2 for $5...meant to be). Show your edgy side by ordering my favorite smoothie, the Rockstar! Super (food) hot.

3. The Belly of the Beast never sounded so sexy as it does coming from Underbelly, located in San Diego's chicly urban hang out, Little Italy. Order your noodles vegan and boost your metabolism with some hot hot spices and attractive people watching.

4. True Food Kitchen is an absolute necessity, located at Fashion Valley Mall (next to Hèrmes). Keep it virgin with a Kale Aid or liven up the fun with a coconut water infused cocktail. Obsessed with the seasonal menu items, get them while they're thriving!

5. Look good naked after leaving The Naked Cafe, there's one located in Point Loma and one in Encinitas. Opt for a variety of protein/carb/fat breakdown options on the menu and enjoy almond milk in your latte.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coachella Weekend 1 Fashion Inspiration/Trends

If you're like me and decided way last minute to go to Coachella this upcoming weekend, you have absolutely no excuse to not pull together a super fabulously hippie/chic wardrobe. Why? Because fashionable festival goer, you have endless inspiration from last week's fashionistas that already set forth current current trends to go off of.

Check out what's trending now that you should definitely gain some inspiration from...

Actress Diane Kruger 
at the H&M Loves Music Coachella party. 
Alessandra Ambrosio 
at the LACOSTE L!VE desert pool party. 
DJs Geordon Nicol and Leigh Lezark 
at the LACOSTE L!VE desert pool party. 
Model Ireland Baldwin 
was unmissable at the festival. 
Katy Perry attended the 
Harper's BAZAAR Coachella poolside fete. 
More fab looks taken from this gallery at:
Top Trends from Weekend 1:
1. Chic graphic tees
2. Crop tops
3. Patterned shorts
4. Uniquely shaped sunnies
5. Closed-toed shoes

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Sweet Chance to be Found.

"Getting lost should be seen as a sweet chance to be found.
Remember you belong everywhere."
-Derrick C. Brown

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coachella Cutoffs; Strategic Distress.

Strategic distress is the best advice I can give you for your Coachella cutoffs. It will make all the difference in the world. How to know if it's right? You've got to spot it. There's no easy guideline, nor is there a perfect fit for everyone. Cutoffs need to be distressed in a way that flatters the contours of your body and are sized perfectly to your proportions.

The best way to get a perfect pair of cutoffs is to distress them yourself.

1. Put on the pair of shorts (or pants, if that's what you're starting with).
2. Grab that scissors and start cutting.
3. Cheese grader, sand paper, bleach - distress it.

Never take your project off your body.
Unless of course you're burning and working with open flames...

If this is too much work, there are a few pairs that I recommend trying on pre-distressed. They are not cheap. Why? You should know this, you're the one not wanting to do the work!

If properly fitted, these dangerous distresses look incredible...go try 'em on...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Festival Season with Child of Wild.

"Fewer quality possessions that speak to your soul 
are what makes your home and life fulfilled."

Child of Wild is a huge of obsession of mine this festival season. Cow skulls, bohemian jewelry, Navajo love love! Not to mention, 5% of all Child of Wild Cow Skull proceeds are donated to art programs in local schools all over Southern California, how sick is that? Child of Wild believes in artists and dreamers and is devoted to inspiring the next generation of creators.

Speaking of artists and dreamers, there is no place better than Coachella to find them at play. I spoke with the gorgeous, free spirited Eileen Lofgren, owner and designer of Child of Wild, and she gave me some serious insight (and inspiration) for the upcoming festival season.

Check out the interview below...

LMP: What was your inspiration behind starting your line, Child of Wild?
Eileen: The philosophy behind my business is everything sold or designed is culturally-rich.. I was a Humanities major in college and learned everything there is to know about what makes the human race tick on a personable level. I constantly referred it to the wild abyss of human nature. I find the objects I create or obtain are a product of that wild.. I am a child of “that” wild. I was getting really tired of always seeing all this
cheap sh*t from china that people seemed to collect and collect. None of which had any real importance other then its kind of trendy. I wanted a site that sold things with importance and in buying these pieces be contributing to this world. I give artistic credit to my pieces and explain why they hold importance to their respected culture. My Cow Skulls always have an inspiration behind them. Either is the Art Deco movement of the 1930’s or if it’s a painting like Georgia O’keeffe’s “Cow's Skull with Calico Roses." I love the history of things and that really shows in my work.

LMP: What is the vision you have stylistically of a typical Child of Wild wearer?
Eileen: Well first my hope is everyone feel comfortable in wearing Child of Wild… from a normal babe who is jumping on the tribal jewelry trend too a grandma who loves Navajo turquoise. The style aesthetic I envision my clients to have involves a mixture of vintage cloths with high end silks... thrifted combat boots with their For Love & Lemons silk maxi and boyfriend’s shirt...or a beach babe in a cute bikini top, bellbottoms and a vintage Kimono hangin’ around a summer bonfire... I love collected outfits not designed outfits. You should feel depth to your ensemble. That’s what gives my clients the edge.

LMP: I want to stock up majorly before Coachella, what are a few of your favorite Child of Wild pieces to rock at the festival?
Eileen: Anything turquoise is hot. My Native American collection is all either Navajo or Zuni designed and even have some Old Pawn pieces. Layer up that arm candy… If you don’t have an high arm cuff… you’re crazy! I am also in a HUGE Indian jewelry phase… Coachella is perfect because all my Indian jewelry, headdresses and belts were meant for a woman who dances in celebration. Festivals are the only time when you can blur the line of costume and normal outfits.

LMP: How about some styling tips for the festival weekend?
Eileen: Have fun and don’t wear neon. Don’t be that awkward raver in furry boots… Coachella and other festivals may have EDM but its mostly a rock festival so think Woodstock or 90’s grunge. ALSO don’t wear anything you would be sad if it got ruined… sitting on grass, dancing hard, sweaty people out of their mind… leave you precious silks at home.

LMP: What's an absolute must when it comes down to dressing for Coachella?
Eileen: Number one BIGGEST must in the world... is wear boots or booties. Not only is it super on trend to rock the bootie with something short and flowy... but it will also save your feet, lower back and all around well being. Think your going to be running around and dancing for 7-8 hours straight. Number two for this year… layers and layers of jewelry. Lots of rings and necklaces... super boho! I plan to go more simple with solids and casual apparel and let my crazy accessories speak for themselves.

LMP: Now, what about an absolute worst?
Eileen: I love Coachella and festivals in general because there really isn’t a wrong thing to wear. Its about expressing yourself... people come as avatars, fairies and weird rainbows... ive seen it all. And I LOVE IT because it’s those creatures that make the festivals the weird transcendental world that it is… that and the music. But I would stay away from neon.. anything that comes close to a tutu .. fake Raybands with popped out lenses aren’t attracting anyone. Be original.. don’t come hippy because that’s what you think you should be .. come as your favorite Disney princess if that rocks your boat.. just don’t fake it.. we can all tell your trying.

LMP: Do you have any celebrities that you look to for Coachella weekend inspiration?
Eileen: God… always. Vintage: Bridget Bardot, Stevie Nicks, Edie Sedgwick, Françoise Hardy New: Erin Wasson, Kate Moss (duh), Abby Lee.

LMP: Let's talk music for a hot last second, what artists are on your radar this year at the festival?
Eileen: So many… top few though are: Moby (duh), Wild Belle, Beach House, Sigur Ros, Yeasayer, Bookashade, Thee Oh Sees, Purity Ring and Seth Troxer.. so many more but the set times aren’t out yet so I’m holding off.

After reading the interview, I just know you're super excited to be going to Coachella this weekend or next (or both, for the ones who can't get enough). For those of you who don't have tickets, I bet you're really kicking yourself with those spiky Louboutins of yours. Before you rush off to craigslist to get scammed into buying fake passes and possibly getting murdered during a dark alleyway meet up, check out child_of_wild on instagram to win a Weekend 2 pass to Coachella!!!

All you have to do is REPOST the photo (found here or on child_of_wild instagram), tag @forloveandlemons, @child_of_wild, and #secondtimesacharm and you'll be entered to win!!! Good luck!!! While you're waiting for the contest to end and the winner to be announced, be sure to check out Child of Wild's online shop and start shopping for your own look for the festival!!! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doughnuts & Champagne.

Searsucker, San Diego
The past few times I've gone out, I've noticed a growing trend along the trendy fine dining circuit...doughnuts. That's right, total mouthwatering, carboholic status doughnuts. All of the sexy hot spots have been doing it, and I'm here to tell you that it's becoming quite a staple to our champagne nights. Pretty cool for all you vegan fashionistas too because F.Y.I. - most doughnuts are 100% vegan.

Here are five places for you to check out currently serving up this new fab combo...

1. Searsucker, San Diego
2. Aldea, New York City
3. al di la Trattoria, Brooklyn
4. Delarosa, San Francisco
5. Animal, Los Angeles

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Sometimes all we need in life is a little the terms of decor, not white lies.

Embellishment takes basics to the next five levels. This is especially true in your wardrobe. Of course, we don't want to rhinestone and stud the sh*t out of every single piece (cough cough...slums of orange county), but opting for an embellished pair of flats over a simple basic can really kick your style up to the next level.

Check out some of these embellished gems...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Menswear; Denim, the Breakdown.

Denim for men is like big over-sized sunnies to females...totally essential. A man with a killer pair of jeans for his body can hide all (most) flaws. Same thing goes for us women and our blacked out Chanels, the ultimate flaw hiders...beware.

What bugs me more than anything is a man walking around in denim that is no good.

Too short? Preparing for a flood are we?
Too tight? Time to cut out those late night carbs...
Too long? Is your spine shrinking already?
Too loose? Don't even get me started on that sag.

These are all highly preventable problems that I've just listed.

It's all about getting a good fit, and when your fit starts to's time to get yourself a new pair. I know the investment of a new pair of jeans is just about as terrifying as picking out an engagement ring, but I promise it comes with way less commitment (and a smaller receipt).

Here are a few pairs of jeans that I recommend for standard builds, if you're not sure about the fit or your build, walk right into Bloomingdales (great denim department) and ask for some's not like you're asking for directions.

Check them out...

$159 Sale
That's right, and I kept them all under $200.

Oh, one last pair...

JK, this is so not ok.

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