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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

San Diego March Fashionista Spotlight; Ashley Kattoula

Fashion is best dressed when served as many, so that is why I am currently on the hunt for some seriously fabulous dressers in my city. Every month I will be featuring a new fashionista that makes my wardrobe incredibly envious.

Ashley on the right, wearing her Charlotte Olympia's.

This month, I want to introduce to you Ashley Kattoula. Her sense of style is killer and her shoe collection is even more lethal. I'm obsessed with her eclectic style and love how she plays well with couture pieces.

Hello, Valentino.

Check out what she had to say...

LMP: How would you describe your personal style?
Ashley: To say the least, my friends call me Tutu. I have a running joke with my best friend Alex and Monica, every time I have to get ready for a party, they say wear a tutu and I respond with, "well which one?" I'd say my personal style is eclectic. Glamorous, feminine, with a little bit of rock and roll edge.

LMP: What designers/celebrities inspire your style?
Ashley: Rihanna, Zac Posen, and of course Karl Lagerfeld.

LMP: What do you most love dressing up for?
Ashley: I love dressing up for myself and my BFF Alex, because he never disappoints. I am always over-dressed and I usually am the one in red at an all white party. Alex and I will go to a casual restaurant all dolled up just for fun!
LMP: What is something in your closet that you could never part with?
Ashley: I could never live without my shoes. Not just one, but all of them! From my heels to my sandals to my hi-top sneakers, that I am newly obsessed with. Most of all, my first pair of suede t-strap Valentino heels from the first Rockstud collection and my jeweled Miu Miu pumps that were a gift.

LMP: Favorite shoe designer?
Ashley: My favorite shoe designer is Valentino because I can never say no to any piece that's created.

LMP: Are you a fan of more Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer collections?
Ashley: Fall/winter. I love leather and layers and being fabulous, yet cozy! Plus, it's an excuse to wear more clothes and accessories. I do hate being cold though. :)

LMP: What's one trend that you're loving right now?
Ashley: Fave trend right now would have to be colored leather!

LMP: Name one person's closet that you'd love to take over.
Ashley: I want not a day, but a lifetime to stand in Anna Dello Russo's closet. Also, I would love to take over Rihanna's and Karl Lagerfeld's, just for his collection of leather fingerless gloves.

Ashley in mint green with her stylish BFF, Alex.

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