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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Packing for a Ski Trip; LisaPriceInc. Style.

Early tomorrow morning me, with a Starbucks cappuccino in hand, my boyfriend and good friends are driving up to Mammoth Mountain for a few fun days on the slopes. I'm so excited I can hardly think straight as I shove miscellaneous Lululemon and mandatory Chanel eye cream into my Louis duffel. We may not be hitting the Black Diamond runs (too bad, the name is sooo intriguing), but we will for sure be getting in a killer quad work out during the day, lots of champagne at night, and a Monday night 3-hour showing of The Bachelor Finale - poor boys. I can't wait.

Here's what I have packed so far...

1. My black Moncler jacket. Mine isn't a patent finish, but has a little more fur. I effing love this jacket. I wore it all week around the house "breaking it in" like it was a pair of YSL pumps.

2. A pair of orange snow pants. I know what you're thinking, "wow she went so Hermès!" - but actually, I went more "construction zone." FYI: if you plan on buying a pair of snow pants in March they will all be 40%...the downside is, you have to be a size O short (made for munchkins) or a size XXX (made for people maxing out the weight for their bindings) to get a pair in black. Hence, how I wound up with the orange. Trés chic...not.

3. Cards Against Humanity. Which is only the best card game known to the vulgar man! Our friends from SF showed us how to play the game (you've probably seen all of the sparkling rosé fluted card nights on my Insta) and ever since, we've been hooked! It's necessary to bring with you when you are going to be staying in the wilderness for a few nights.

4. Old pairs of ski socks from the 70s. My parents were total ski bunnies in the 70s - just name a chic snow destination anywhere in the U.S. of A or Canada and they've done it...twice. However, their old wool ski socks are SO not so chic. Oh well, I'm bringing them! Approximately 4 pairs per foot for the 4 days that we're there - #prepared.

5. Rabbit fur lined leather gloves, of course. Don't you worry! These are only "for look" while I wander around the remote town looking for a bottle of champagne. I have my murderer ski gloves packed too, for when I hit the slopes like the mad woman that I am. Wink.

Worth mentioning, but not pictured:

6. A musky lumberjack-esque Tom Ford scent.
7. A fur neck warmer.
8. A jeweled one-piece swimsuit.
9. Essential nutrients in the form of snacks from Whole Foods.
10. Vogue, this month's and last's. 

While I'm away,
look out for embarrassing pictures of my boyfriend 
learning how to ski on Instagram!


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