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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Treat Yourself For Valentine's Day.

No date? No problem.

Screw him.

I'm going to get right down to the point with this one, gorgeous.

Here are 5 fabulous ways to treat yourself this Valentine's Day...

$14.00, $34.00
1. Panty Raid! Pretty panties and bras are not just for newly committal couples. Go through your drawers, trash the oldies, and stock up on new satin and lace. This is all about making yourself feel hot. If you don't make yourself feel hot first, you won't feel it from another. I'm not saying go balls to the walls sex pot with your purchases, but please take advantage of your femininity - or no one else will.

2. Let's get some shoes. The one fabulous thing about a pair of shoes is that they're the bikini's polar opposite. You don't have to worry about your salt intake that day. Full length mirrors are not even part of the process. And, you haven't made it to the gym in a week? Who cares. Your shoes don't! They will, oh so loyally, stick to the same size they were the last time you purchased a pair. I'm majorly crushing on a pair of patent, pale pink Loubs, shown above.

3. How about a rub down? The wonderful thing about a hired masseuse is the following:

- They're technically skilled.
- No emotions involved.
- You pick the time frame.
- 30 min, 60 min, 90 min, 120 min?
- You're 100% on the receiving end.

My solo spa of choice in San Diego: The Spa at La Costa Resort

4. Drool worthy delights. Check out LisaPriceInc.'s pinterest board, Indulgent Mouthfuls, for some seriously delectable treats. From DIY to delivery, there are options for every skill level. I'm severely obsessed with the Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes that I pinned from Kitchen Treaty. Don't have the energy? I suggest checking for a Sprinkles just around the corner. No? You're still in luck, they deliver by the dozen.

Vogue Inspired Pink Bubble Bath

5. Curl up. We all love getting comfy and curling up, and I've found some incredibly cuddly pieces to make yourself comfiest solo. From a bubble bath, to soft PJs, to the couch, with an oversized throw and a good book...check them out here:

Life Lessons From The World's Most Elegant Woman

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