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Friday, February 1, 2013

Male Edition: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Sweetheart.

You know how men are really understanding creatures sometimes? Females are not. If you forget about the incredibly romantic, sign of true to your heart affection, lover's holiday known as Valentine's day, you Mr., are in BIG TROUBLE! She will give you silent treatment, she will burst into tears, and she will most definitely say those dreaded two words, "it's fine." She will not brush it off, she will not forget all about it, and she will make moving onto the next day your biggest nightmare.

Women are really pieces of work aren't they!

But, luckily for you, I am not here to give you inspiration - us females know you won't do a damn thing with that - rather...I am going to give you a list (you know how much women love making lists) so that you can grab Valentine's Day by its Godiva covered nuts and make it your b*tch. Your woman will know how much you adore her (because really, you do), and you won't have to spend the rest of February trying to make it up to her...of next year.

You don't need to do all of these - gotta save at least something to pull out of the hat next year - but if you want to get extra points, these suggestions are great in pairs of two!

So, listen up now! Here is your cheat list...take note...

1. Get out of bed and make her breakfast. Depending on what type of breakfast person she is - "I'll have an egg white omelet and turkey bacon," "Coffee to-go! Stat!" or "Mmm, that cinnamon roll looks amazing..." - go off of that. Let's hope know her food preference better than I do.

2. Make a delivery of flowers and/or chocolates. This is basically considered standard "etiquette" - listed right after opening the door. Extra points for her favorite flowers, and extra points x 2 for her favorite chocolates. My favorite place for chocolates in all of San Diego is Chuao Chocolatier - you can't go wrong.

3. Write her a Mr. Darcy love note. For most men, a heart emoji via text is about as sentimental as it gets. I get that it's sometimes hard to put your feelings into words...God forbid into actual text...but this is a gesture that will mean more to her than diamonds.

4. She's so caring, you could certainly give her a puppy to take care of as well as you. There is nothing softer (ok, maybe a Chinchilla coat) or more loving of a present. WARNING: If you are going to execute this, be sure that you've discussed "having a puppy" seriously in the past so that this isn't a total surprise to her. Only give her a puppy if she's expecting one. You don't want to rush into things...or create a stinky mess larger than an accident on a Persian rug.

5. Take a recipe out of your girlfriend's cookbook and make her something that she has perfected - a reservation. Don't you dare try to cheap out on it. I understand that many restaurants have a prix fixe menu worth more than your salary that day, but if it's a place you know she'll love it will be well worth it. A few recommendations I have if you live in the San Diego area: Il Fornaio, Bertrand at Mister A's, Salvatore's, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Eddie V's, and Market. Of course, it's always nice to go somewhere that has meaning for the two of you - maybe a first date spot or a new restaurant that you both have been wanting to try.

And for extra extra generous credit...

6. A pair of Christian Louboutins - they're the ones with the red soles.

7. A Première Band by Chanel - it's not a marriage license, it's fashion.

Note: All of these ideas above go very well with sexy lingerie...and perhaps a bottle of Champagne.

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