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Monday, February 25, 2013

Is Denim the New Fur for Spring?

Rocking a fur vest is my staple. I can't think of anything better than fur to go with my uniform - black skinnies, black top, gold jewelry, bold shoes, and an even bolder bag.

Unfortunately, Mr. Groundhog says that Spring is just around the corner and the runway has been pushing out the denim vest like Starbucks lattes on a Monday morning. And speaking of Monday morning, check out the look below - sooo Breakfast Club.

I've never been a denim person...any of you who know me personally have maybe seen me in a pair of denim jeans once...maybe twice. However, I'm willing to listen up to those preaching the denim vest trend this Spring because it has something that a fur vest doesn't: day and night versatility.

Let me show you how (and how not), and then you can be your own judge of this denim trend...


 Anything Balmain

 With Stripes

In the Woods

Hippie Style

Oversized, Over White

With Studs

Layering Leather

Top Heavy


Printed Paint

With Sleeves

Like a Housekeeper

Tailored Style

With a Mid-Drift


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