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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Breaking News: Christian Louboutin Channeling Ed Hardy.

I love my daily emails from Saks. They bring me back to a beautiful time before Fashion Valley decided to close down my couture oasis and open up a Ted Baker and Forever 21 in replacement. I mean, thanks a lot for filling Level 2 Salon Shoes and Designer Dresses with $14 neon, "Made in China" disaster pieces. You know what I mean if you were a 2008 San Diego Saks shopper. Now we have to call in sick and head to South Coast for our closest fix (who wants to leave at noon with me?).

Anyway, Saks is a sore subject for me and a stellar way to get me going on a tangent. Back to the point of this post...I open up my daily email from Saks, and what do I see expecting luxe material object relief to my stressful morning? Christian Louboutin Channeling Ed Hardy.

I mean...WTF. Is this your idea of a motherf*cking joke?

For Pre-Order? Put that sh*t on Back-Order!

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