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Monday, February 18, 2013

bBar; San Diego's first Superfood Vitality Bar in Del Mar.

Beaming - pure. organic. joy. - is my body's greatest love. I came across bBar, San Diego's first Superfood Vitality Bar, in a Del Mar shopping center that I frequent on the regular and I can't stop going back. bBar offers fresh, cold-pressed organic juices, Superfood smoothies, delicious raw foods, health supplements, and incredible cleansing programs. Beaming's educated team creates Superfood masterpieces to benefit your body, rev up your metabolism, strengthen your health, and increase your happiness and vitality.

Last Friday, I stopped in to meet with the radiating Lisa Odenweller, Beaming CEO & Founder (check out Lisa's story here), and we got to chatting about the company and the amazing Superfood powers behind bBar's products. I really love the philosophy Beaming believes in - balance and moderation, there is no diet for anyone, plant-based food is medicine, we can all benefit from more fruits and vegetables in our diet, everything in life is better when you feel good, the power of cleansing and giving your digestion a break, and that we live in a world of excess and that taking time out from our busy lives to reset and nourish is part of living a healthier happier lifestyle - and it's obviously working for Lisa...she is literally beaming. As we sipped smoothies and bit into tasty Superfood protein bites, I knew she had just empowered me to make a serious health change in a delicious form.

I am so for the realistic approach Beaming takes towards supporting your journey to greater health, vitality and well-being...and the fact that bBar offers a delicious journey along the way makes creating a healthy diet for your body the most enjoyable trek ever. Finished a hard work out? Boost your body with an anti-inflammatory juice or protein packed smoothie. Need a mid-day perk? Guzzle one of many Beaming green juices. Craving something sweet? Wrap up a Beaming Protein Bite to go.

NOW FOR THE EXCITING PART: bBar is giving all of my readers a sexy shot along with their purchase today through the next week! This sexy shot is a libido enhancer, energy, and mood enhancer and is made using sprouted almond milk, coconut water, daminana, maca, cacao, vanilla, Beaming Superfood Smoothie Blend, and coconut water. It's absolutely delicious and offers such a sexy boost to the day!

Go in and check out bBar today - jump start your wellness for the rest of your life and make your day Superfoodly Sexy by picking up your free sexy shot along with your order. Just tell the awesome team at the counter that you're a LisaPriceInc. reader and they'll make you a sexy shot on the spot!

My favorite drinks: Rockstar, Sexy Mayan, and Euphoria.

Can't get to the bBar today? Check out one of my very favorite Beaming dishes (that I picked up from bBar for lunch today) that you can make in your own kitchen...

Raw Spaghetti BEAMING style*:

*you will need a vegetable spiraled to make this at home (available on Beaming online or at the bBAR in Del Mar)

 4-6 large green (& yellow when in season) Zucchini

Spiral your zucchini and now you are ready to add your favorite “pasta sauce.”

–> We recommend using a great pesto – homemade or one that you love from the store or Italian restaurant. To make it extra delicious, try our incredible “Alfredo Sauce” made with Cashews (no dairy used here!)

BEAMING SAUCECashew Alfredo Sauce

*Use this on everything — from salads to even chicken to red meat to grilled veggies. Make a batch and keep it around – it is such a hit!!

1 cup raw organic cashews soaked for 2-4 hours
2 T fresh lemon or lime juice
1 T raw honey
1 T dried onion flakes
1-2 T fresh chopped basil
1-2T fresh herbs of choice
2-4 cloves of minced fresh garlic
sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

Put the soaked drained nuts in a Vitamix blender and then add up to 1 cup of clean water to blend well. The add remaining ingredients until creamy.

Find more recipes on the Beaming's Recipes tab or by checking out Beaming's Blog - I don't go a day without following up on Beaming's blog posts because there's usually a delicious recipe to easily incorporate into the day to get an instant Beaming fix from your own kitchen!

Not near bBar? Check out Beaming's Superfood Store online and find all of the Beaming ingredients that you need (such as the Superfood Protein Blend, Superfood Protein Blend with Greens, and the Superfood Smoothie Blend) to make your own creations have the Beaming touch! And don't worry, Beaming is working on distributing their cleanses nationwide and expanding bBar to a city near you.


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