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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Female Edition: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Honey.

Men are really understanding creatures sometimes. You could forget all about the mushy, gushy, Hallmark holiday known as Valentine's Day and your man would be totally fine with it! He wouldn't give you silence treatment, he wouldn't burst into tears, and he wouldn't say those dreaded two words, "it's fine." He would just brush it off, forget all about it, and move onto the next day.

Wow, I bet they wish we were more like them!

If you're planning on celebrating the "holiday" by doing something sweet for your honey and need some inspiration, I'm here to help.

A sexy candlelit dinner, lingerie, and chocolate covered strawberries (in whatever order you fancy) are all wonderful options, however they're also quite standard and I'm sure you've already thought something of the nature. I brainstormed a bit and came up with a couple ideas that are a little bit different and perhaps a bit practical, but are sure to let your man know he's loved without belting love songs and throwing heart shaped confetti into the air.

Here are a few cute ideas to add into the mix that are a little more out of the heart-shaped box...

1. A cup of something hot. Whether you want to knit your own heart sleeve or simply sharpie on a little message of XOXO's next to the Starbucks barista's scribbles, dropping off your man's favorite morning drink with a little extra love is a great way to start the day coming from you.

2. Arrange for a box of Sprinkle's Cupcakes to get delivered to his desk at work. You can do this by quickly filling out a little Sprinkle's delivery pre-order form online. Tip: Check his schedule! I once ordered a dozen salted caramel cupcakes to be delivered to my boyfriend for our anniversary and it wasn't until after our romantic dinner when I asked about the cupcakes, that he told me that he never made it into the office that day! We ended up going back to his office and having a cupcake party for two, which was so much fun, but trust're paying for a local messenger to deliver, so check the schedule and surprise him when they arrive.

3. Write him a love note on a pad of paper from a hotel you once stayed at together. I know you could go on and on and on about all the little things he does that makes him so effing adorable - such as the intricate way he laces up his loafers in the morning, the subtle crunch out of a bag of Doritos before breakfast, etc. - but stop yourself. Make it short and sweet. The shorter it is, the easier time he has comprehending what your Shakespearean self wrote.


4. Show your man's best friend a little loving. And what I mean is, not his actual best friend...take his four-legged slobbering fluff ball out for a little grooming. It's a nice gesture, practical thinking, and gets one more chore out of the way - making you totally him and his bff.

5. Cook one hell of a dinner for him. If he's a meat guy, get your hands a little bloody. Maybe he's amoré over pizza, start rolling that dough (and not the GF crap you make him eat). Or perhaps he is super into le mexican burrito, liven up that fiesta. The point is - get into the kitchen and make the man what he loves. I've been pinning some great guy-friendly recipes on LisaPriceInc.'s pinterest lately - so be sure to click through them for inspiration.

Note: All of these ideas above go very well with sexy lingerie...and perhaps a bottle of Jack.

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