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Friday, January 25, 2013

Bag Snob.

One of my very favorite twitter friends is @BagSnob.

Bag Snob - A Selective Editorial On Bags is a fabulous site that was founded by Tina Craig and Kelly Cook. They are fashionable, witty, and know a thing or two about bags. You may think you've got it going on the handbag department, but let me tell you...Tina and Kelly are true bag snobs! That is why I absolutely love them...and also why I decided to go ahead and chat with Kelly to get the low down on her snobbiest bag thoughts.

Check out this interview I had with Bag Snob, Kelly...

LMP: We all have that treasured bag in our wardrobe, which one is your very favorite?
Bag Snob: My turquoise birkin in chevre and a crocodile Bottega Veneta, it's white so I'm afraid to use it too much!

LMP: Where is your go to place for handbag hunting?
Bag Snob: I love shopping while traveling, I find the most unique pieces in the most unexpected places. But for everyday shopping, I love Barney's and Neiman Marcus. Online, Net-a-Porter.

LMP: What do you think is the best accessory to pair with a fabulous bag? 
Bag Snob: A great attitude. Fashion should be about fun and how it makes you feel. It doesn't matter what you are wearing and how much it costs, if you love it you will exude confidence and that is always sexier than skipping rent so you can have the next "it" bag.

LMP: Do you match your bag to your shoes or mix and match? 
Bag Snob: I don't like matchy-matchy but that doesn't mean I don't pay attention to coordinating shoes and bag. It either has to have the same color leather (can't have brown shoes and black bag) or be in total contrast. But I love it when I am able to do an abstract version of the matchy-matchy, like a colorblocked bag with shoes in the exact colors in an abstract print - like my Jackson Pollack print Bottega Veneta sandals.

LMP: Do you like neutral colors or bold?
Bag Snob: I am a bold girl, especially when it comes to bags. I don't have very many neutral color bags, I have enough bags to be very specific so I can always have fun with it. My favorite color is bright blue, which is so amazing with a neutral outfit.

LMP: What are your thoughts on matching jewelry to handbag metals? Is it a must or a mix?
Bag Snob: You can totally mix. I love to mix metals with jewelry, too. There has to be balance, you can't have the one stray gold piece with all silver.

LMP: Which style of bag is your personal favorite for day to day use?
Bag Snob: I have a hectic lifestyle - I am a full time mom and I have my work, so there is a lot of running around. Unless I am going out, I have been sticking to shoulder bags or better yet, crossbody bags, to keep my arms free.

LMP: Who is your favorite handbag designer?
Bag Snob: I don't have one favorite but my top 5 are: Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Marni (this season, not always!), Maiyet, Valextra

LMP: If you could have any bag in the world that you currently don't own, what would it be?
Bag Snob: A Chanel matte alligator classic flap, I'll take any color but would rather have it in a color like blue but a plum would be equally maddening. My birthday is coming up so if you want to email my husband, by all means =)

Kelly has also included her fab five essentials, check them out...

Bag Snob: These are my 5 Essentials (this is a concept we developed to help women build a bag wardrobe to ensure she has a bag for every occasion)


Hermes Evelyn - can't live without mine, I have it in menthe and etoupe


Chanel Python Flap


Marni Saddle Bag


Anything exotic, but my mainstay is a classic Nancy Gonzalez


Moncrief Trolley, comes with a detachable laptop case, essential for a blogger!

Thank you so much Kelly for doing this fabulous Q&A with me, you really are the ultimate bag snob! And I'll be sure to pass on a little note to your dear hubby with a birthday hint (Chanel matte alligator classic flap, cough cough!). 

To my dear readers, be sure to follow @BagSnob on twitter, and to learn more snobby secrets when it comes to bags, check out Bag Snob - A Selective Editorial On Bags.


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  1. Great chat Lisa! I'm a huge bag-nista. These tips are great ones, thanks for sharing doll. XO



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