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Monday, December 10, 2012

What to gift your practical snob of a boyfriend...

Most males do not view the holidays as a time to express their be all end all feelings to you through a gift...among all things you desperately want to hear from them. This is why you may get a Nespresso machine one year, or perhaps a printer.  

Men are practical S.O.B.s.

In complete contrary to "What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend..." men aren't expecting jewelry, handbags, and shoes. They want those appliances, electronics, practical necessities of life that you are praying you won't receive!!!

Men do not think that they're uncared for or unloved if they get a practical gift - they are thrilled! They can actually use it! It's exactly what they wanted! Their girlfriend is the BEST!

Now, I'm not suggesting you raid Home Depot on a whim, god forbid. However, take note of what the man wants. Has he been drooling over some weird piece of technology that just came out? Maybe he wants the new iPad. Maybe, just maybe, he wants some weird thing you don't know the name of that has to do with his Benz. Scope it out, listen up, ask him what he wants.

I know we, as women, just love the fact that our boyfriend's are mind readers (come on already, you know he read "Get Pinterested; "Mind Reading" Gifting Secret.") and the fact that they picked out the perfect gift because they just knew means that they really, truly, deeply, madly love us.

Well guess what - male species don't give a sh*t about that mind reading crap! Actually, they've been wanting to get rid of the term since B.C. (Before Christmas). They don't mind telling you want they want, although they will never ask for it because they "don't want anything for Christmas."

WTF. I mean really? Of course you want something for Christmas. I told my boyfriend that if he didn't tell me what he wanted for Christmas, I was going to take the money that I was wanting to spend on him and buy myself a Chanel boy bag. Totally cool with that. It just may still happen.

But honestly, your boyfriend wants something for Christmas, he likes to rip open presents too you know! He just wants to play cool and not be obvious and be so damn practical about things you wonder, just wonder, if you may be the one ending up with a vacuum under the tree in ten years.

Here are some ideas for your practical snob of a boyfriend I know he'll love...

1. Apple Products - iWant is what he's thinking.
2. Travel Accessories - a nice piece of luggage (L.V.) is timeless.
3. Car Related - boys like loud music, just a hint.
4. New Kicks - standard or out of the box, new shoes are new shoes.
5. Sport/Hobby Gear - golf clubs, gear bag, fishing poles?
6. Job Related - briefcase, business card holder, fancy pen, etc.
7. Watches & Cufflinks - because every man needs one, or a few.
8. Fragrance - Tom Ford private blends are amazing.

Shopping for your practical snob of a boyfriend is hard, I know. But just remember to keep an eye out for what he wants and get him something that's really him.

We don't even need to check his Pinterest, us ladies are all mind readers...


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