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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make it Through the Rain.

This morning was the first day of waking up to the rain playing aggressively and I was fully loving it...until it was time to sprint across the puddle-filled parking lot to Starbucks for my morning latte. I was soaked. Thank the fashion gods for messy buns and minimalist mid-week make up.

Living in Southern California, my only shield from the rain is a closed sunroof and the luck of having a prepared boyfriend waiting outside my car door with an umbrella. Other than that, I'm on my own with only a broken Drybar umbrella in the trunk that I was given leaving my last blow out.

Not so rain savvy? Me either, I'm hopeless. But here are a few essentials to make it in the rain this season...fashionably...

1. A waterproof coat or jacket. Anything by Burberry or Moncler is nice. It lasts forever, is timeless, and can be taken from drizzling day to stormy night.
2. Hunter rainboots. Do you still not have your Hunter boots by Jimmy Choo? I told you about these last year, dear forgetful reader.
3. A reliable umbrella. I hate those fold up umbrellas because they always break! Barneys has some really fabulous ones with fun patterns and colors (they have some for as low as $89 too).
4. A scarf to wrap around your hair. Umbrellas only do so much - if you really want to protect that fabulous hair of yours, wrap a scarf around it before you step foot outdoors. I suggest not using this Givenchy one above or any of your Herm├Ęs standards because the silk will get ruined - but I just loved the pattern of it!
$499 Sale
5. Gloves!!! Ok, I'm obsessed with these layered tweed and leather gloves my Nina Ricci. I get that I'll only wear them once or twice, but aren't they fabulous? 


  1. Love first look

  2. I want the wellies. Rain mean snow and the jacket would do the trick. Great post.
    Thank you, I enjoyed it.



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