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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Get Your Suja Skinny On!

"Repair, Rejuvenate, Reset"

Suja juice is my newest obsession on the skinny front. As you know, I'm super into detoxing and a total snob when it comes to fueling my body with the couture of nutrients, so I was thrilled when Suja juice sent me a cleanse and a couple of their various detoxifying juices to try! I just finished day one (consisting of 6 amazing Suja juices) and I feel incredible. The juices are so tasty and come in a variety of different flavors - my very favorites are FUEL, GLOW, and VANILLA CLOUD (check out a complete list of Suja juices here).

Suja juice was founded by Eric Ethans and Annie Lawless, who believe living a healthy lifestyle brings out the best in all of us. I couldn't agree more! Suja juices are raw, cold-pressed, never heated, and are USDA Organic certified, as well as NON GMO Project Verified. This basically means that Suja juices are the absolute BEST thing you could possibly nurture your body with. I'm down.

Check out what "The Prince of the Press" (Co-Founder of Suja Juice, Eric Ethans) had to say during a quick chat he and I had about his amazing line of Suja juices...

LMP: When do you recommend starting a Suja juice cleanse?
EE: We recommend drinking them everyday as part of your healthy balance diet. A full cleanse is recommended at any time that fits into your schedule.

LMP: What kind of diet should a Suja juice cleanser maintain after she or he finishes the cleanse? EE: The great thing about drinking Suja juice is you can incorporate it in any diet and it will benefit you so much!

LMP: Is there a certain Suja juice in particular that should be implemented into one's diet on a daily basis?
EE: I wouldn't say there is one in particular; there are different benefits of all the juices so switch it up.

LMP: These juices are seriously beyond amazing, which one is your very favorite?
EE: Everyone one of them!

LMP: If I had as close of hands to Suja as you do, I'd cleanse every day! How frequently do you cleanse?
EE: I drink between 3-6 bottles per day [in addition to healthy foods]. I prefer juice rather than water because of all the live nutrients it has.

LMP: Do you have any new juice creations in the mix?
EE: Yes, we have a few new Suja drinks coming very soon :)

LMP: Just for fun, what is one guilty pleasure food or drink that you absolutely love to consume on the side of your Suja juice?
EE: I believe in moderation so I pick and choose my guilty pleasures ;)

The coolest thing about Suja juices is that they're available to anyone! For $8.99 each, you can pick up them up straight from your local Whole Foods or Jimbo's or you can have them sent directly to your door! There are multiple cleanses (1-5 day options) and lifestyle packages that you can order straight from the place order page on the Suja juice website.

Before you start bitching about it being pricy, let me tell you that it is well worth it. Have you ever tried to juice yourself from home? I've done it a couple times and every single time it's turned into a scene of a Bloody Beet Massacre! One time my juicer overheated as I was juicing out Day 2 of a 4-day cleanse my boyfriend and I were on. I had to throw half juiced veggies into a food processor to finishing "juicing", which I nonchalantly gave to my boyfriend - luckily my batch was already made - and let me tell you, that was the last juice cleanse we DIY'd!

There is seriously an option for everyone, whether you're wanting a 5-day detox from all the holiday champagne and cookies you've been consuming (or are about to consume) or just want to grab a 16-oz bottle of pure nutrients to add to your salad bar lunch at Whole Foods. Suja juice is the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle and I suggest you get on it STAT!

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