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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Get Pinterested; "Mind Reading" Gifting Secret.

Guess what - no more having to refer back to "What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend..." ever again, unless of course, it's out of pure entertainment seeking intentions. I'm so excited to share with you the most amazing, mind blowing, gift giving technique in all of history: PINTEREST.

Let me explain why. This amazing site allows individuals to create "dream" boards sharing images of anything and everything they've ever wanted in life. I repeat slowly, Individuals Share Everything They Want.

It's no secret - utilize it!

Don't know "What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend..." this year?

It's a 3 - Step Process:

1. Find her Pinterest account. This is easy to do, as it is probably all over her Facebook page and twitter account. If it's not, search her online. It's that simple. I guarantee she has an account. If she doesn't, this b*tch is a tricky one. Have her set one up "for fun" and just pray that she doesn't see right through this after reading my blog and pin only the most fabulously expensive items because she knows your cheating the gift giving cycle - you go girl!
2. Take a look at her boards. Examine. Get an eye for her style. Seek out key items that she's really "pinning" after. And please spare yourself in the process by avoiding the engagement, wedding, and baby boards at all costs. You'll only start to resent her. Keep a look out for items you see a pattern in. Multiple David Yurman bracelets all over her "jewelry" board in different stones and styles? My hunch is, and this may just be the investigator in me, but that she really wants a David Yurman bracelet! Could it be? Now is your time to get creative.

3. Purchase! Most of the time, images will link directly to a place to purchase them. Brilliant I know. However, if it's not that easily handed to you, there are plenty of resources online to find the item (after all, it was most likely pinned from somewhere online). You may never even have to go to a store. How lucky are you...

And how lucky is she? Getting exactly what she's always wanted! You really listen to what she has to say. You pick up on the (not so) small hints. You actually get her. What a killer boyfriend you are.

Our little secret.

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