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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Rich Girl's Guide to Decorating.

Karl Lagerfeld knows a thing or two about designing, including designing a fabulous room full of holiday decorations. Just check out his magical creation in the above picture. It confirms he knows how to make just about anything (I mean come on, the man works with tweed for a living) come to life.

A Rich Girl's Guide to Decorating:

1. Why bother with prickly pine needles and a scent clashing with your Tom Ford Black Orchid parfum? Create a festive tree out of your red soles!

2. And what better to hang from your tiny Louboutin spiked heels than a few delicate gold Chanel ornaments!

3. Presents? No problem! Just hire one of these fluffy reindeer to deliver a sled full of orange boxes.

4. Lose the wreaths made out of tacky bows and dolls and opt for a lovely snow white wreath of Louis Vuitton paper shirts.

5. Sick to death of those tacky "traditional" stockings? I mean really, how has that fat of cankles? Use a pair of durable stockings by Chanel.

6. Remember to set the table using only your finest Cartier diamond napkin holders!

7. Don't feel left out of the couture if you're celebrating the Jewish holiday, light the candles on a LV menorah.


  1. This is girl's dream life haha!

    1. The Louboutin tree I die over! One day...haha. Xo.


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