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Thursday, December 20, 2012

LisaPriceInc. on Tumblr.

Fancy dress, bold lips, don’t act like you’re not impressed.

LisaPriceInc. is now on a fresh new tumblr ( Be sure to check it out, love, and repost. Can't wait to see what all of my readers are tumbling about. Xo.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Fit So Good...

And for those of us who have no one that fits us better than our favorite sweater, here are a few sweaters that fit even better than that...

I'm really loving all the sweaters from The Row and Helmut Lang this winter - I'd feature them all on this post if I could. Be sure to check out the rest of the cozy sweaters at (my favorite place to shop for sweaters this season).

Monday, December 17, 2012

Serve Yourself Your Fragrance Sweetly.

I spent my Sunday afternoon organizing my make up drawers and the top of my dresser, which I pleasantly decluttered from over-lit (and overpriced) candles, my boyfriend's business cards - you would swear he was a Hollywood club promoter walking into my house, and mass quantities of perfumes stemming from my fragrance whorish ways.

I came across a fabulous idea via Pinterest for organizing your fragrances. Instead of serving them up on a tray (standard), why don't you try serving yourself your fragrance off of something little bit...sweeter...such as one of these fabulous serving styles:

Tiered Cookie Trays
 Cake Platter

I just love this idea. It's a great way to organize and add height to your display of eau de parfums. I'm not knocking the Hermès orange tray, but these serving ideas really organize your fragrance in a creative and delectably eye appealing way. After all, fragrance is the ultimate skin candy!

Side Note: The fragrances used above are for display reasons only.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make it Through the Rain.

This morning was the first day of waking up to the rain playing aggressively and I was fully loving it...until it was time to sprint across the puddle-filled parking lot to Starbucks for my morning latte. I was soaked. Thank the fashion gods for messy buns and minimalist mid-week make up.

Living in Southern California, my only shield from the rain is a closed sunroof and the luck of having a prepared boyfriend waiting outside my car door with an umbrella. Other than that, I'm on my own with only a broken Drybar umbrella in the trunk that I was given leaving my last blow out.

Not so rain savvy? Me either, I'm hopeless. But here are a few essentials to make it in the rain this season...fashionably...

1. A waterproof coat or jacket. Anything by Burberry or Moncler is nice. It lasts forever, is timeless, and can be taken from drizzling day to stormy night.
2. Hunter rainboots. Do you still not have your Hunter boots by Jimmy Choo? I told you about these last year, dear forgetful reader.
3. A reliable umbrella. I hate those fold up umbrellas because they always break! Barneys has some really fabulous ones with fun patterns and colors (they have some for as low as $89 too).
4. A scarf to wrap around your hair. Umbrellas only do so much - if you really want to protect that fabulous hair of yours, wrap a scarf around it before you step foot outdoors. I suggest not using this Givenchy one above or any of your Hermès standards because the silk will get ruined - but I just loved the pattern of it!
$499 Sale
5. Gloves!!! Ok, I'm obsessed with these layered tweed and leather gloves my Nina Ricci. I get that I'll only wear them once or twice, but aren't they fabulous? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Get Your Suja Skinny On!

"Repair, Rejuvenate, Reset"

Suja juice is my newest obsession on the skinny front. As you know, I'm super into detoxing and a total snob when it comes to fueling my body with the couture of nutrients, so I was thrilled when Suja juice sent me a cleanse and a couple of their various detoxifying juices to try! I just finished day one (consisting of 6 amazing Suja juices) and I feel incredible. The juices are so tasty and come in a variety of different flavors - my very favorites are FUEL, GLOW, and VANILLA CLOUD (check out a complete list of Suja juices here).

Suja juice was founded by Eric Ethans and Annie Lawless, who believe living a healthy lifestyle brings out the best in all of us. I couldn't agree more! Suja juices are raw, cold-pressed, never heated, and are USDA Organic certified, as well as NON GMO Project Verified. This basically means that Suja juices are the absolute BEST thing you could possibly nurture your body with. I'm down.

Check out what "The Prince of the Press" (Co-Founder of Suja Juice, Eric Ethans) had to say during a quick chat he and I had about his amazing line of Suja juices...

LMP: When do you recommend starting a Suja juice cleanse?
EE: We recommend drinking them everyday as part of your healthy balance diet. A full cleanse is recommended at any time that fits into your schedule.

LMP: What kind of diet should a Suja juice cleanser maintain after she or he finishes the cleanse? EE: The great thing about drinking Suja juice is you can incorporate it in any diet and it will benefit you so much!

LMP: Is there a certain Suja juice in particular that should be implemented into one's diet on a daily basis?
EE: I wouldn't say there is one in particular; there are different benefits of all the juices so switch it up.

LMP: These juices are seriously beyond amazing, which one is your very favorite?
EE: Everyone one of them!

LMP: If I had as close of hands to Suja as you do, I'd cleanse every day! How frequently do you cleanse?
EE: I drink between 3-6 bottles per day [in addition to healthy foods]. I prefer juice rather than water because of all the live nutrients it has.

LMP: Do you have any new juice creations in the mix?
EE: Yes, we have a few new Suja drinks coming very soon :)

LMP: Just for fun, what is one guilty pleasure food or drink that you absolutely love to consume on the side of your Suja juice?
EE: I believe in moderation so I pick and choose my guilty pleasures ;)

The coolest thing about Suja juices is that they're available to anyone! For $8.99 each, you can pick up them up straight from your local Whole Foods or Jimbo's or you can have them sent directly to your door! There are multiple cleanses (1-5 day options) and lifestyle packages that you can order straight from the place order page on the Suja juice website.

Before you start bitching about it being pricy, let me tell you that it is well worth it. Have you ever tried to juice yourself from home? I've done it a couple times and every single time it's turned into a scene of a Bloody Beet Massacre! One time my juicer overheated as I was juicing out Day 2 of a 4-day cleanse my boyfriend and I were on. I had to throw half juiced veggies into a food processor to finishing "juicing", which I nonchalantly gave to my boyfriend - luckily my batch was already made - and let me tell you, that was the last juice cleanse we DIY'd!

There is seriously an option for everyone, whether you're wanting a 5-day detox from all the holiday champagne and cookies you've been consuming (or are about to consume) or just want to grab a 16-oz bottle of pure nutrients to add to your salad bar lunch at Whole Foods. Suja juice is the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle and I suggest you get on it STAT!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Versace Atelier 2012.

I've fallen madly in love with Versace's Atelier Collection 2012. It's romantic, it's edgy, it's bohemian, it's bold. The detail that went into the bodices and the cut of the gowns is what Versace does very best. I'm absolutely obsessed with all of these dresses and would love to have a rack of them in my closet.

Check out a few of my favorite looks from the collection that are seriously stunning...

About: Exclusive, glamorous, the most precious as goddesses require, the Atelier Versace collection is breathtaking and unique, Haute Couture for sirens. These garments - predominantly evening and cocktail dresses - feature all the intricacies that the refined craftsmanship of couture – the making by hand allows. Single pieces, designed and made to measure for one person only, Atelier Versace is the ultimate expression of the designer’s art. These dresses are made for an elite, who knows about their impact on the red carpet – created for powerful women like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Schiffer... 

To view the complete collection go to Atelier Collection.

Monday, December 10, 2012

What to gift your practical snob of a boyfriend...

Most males do not view the holidays as a time to express their be all end all feelings to you through a gift...among all things you desperately want to hear from them. This is why you may get a Nespresso machine one year, or perhaps a printer.  

Men are practical S.O.B.s.

In complete contrary to "What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend..." men aren't expecting jewelry, handbags, and shoes. They want those appliances, electronics, practical necessities of life that you are praying you won't receive!!!

Men do not think that they're uncared for or unloved if they get a practical gift - they are thrilled! They can actually use it! It's exactly what they wanted! Their girlfriend is the BEST!

Now, I'm not suggesting you raid Home Depot on a whim, god forbid. However, take note of what the man wants. Has he been drooling over some weird piece of technology that just came out? Maybe he wants the new iPad. Maybe, just maybe, he wants some weird thing you don't know the name of that has to do with his Benz. Scope it out, listen up, ask him what he wants.

I know we, as women, just love the fact that our boyfriend's are mind readers (come on already, you know he read "Get Pinterested; "Mind Reading" Gifting Secret.") and the fact that they picked out the perfect gift because they just knew means that they really, truly, deeply, madly love us.

Well guess what - male species don't give a sh*t about that mind reading crap! Actually, they've been wanting to get rid of the term since B.C. (Before Christmas). They don't mind telling you want they want, although they will never ask for it because they "don't want anything for Christmas."

WTF. I mean really? Of course you want something for Christmas. I told my boyfriend that if he didn't tell me what he wanted for Christmas, I was going to take the money that I was wanting to spend on him and buy myself a Chanel boy bag. Totally cool with that. It just may still happen.

But honestly, your boyfriend wants something for Christmas, he likes to rip open presents too you know! He just wants to play cool and not be obvious and be so damn practical about things you wonder, just wonder, if you may be the one ending up with a vacuum under the tree in ten years.

Here are some ideas for your practical snob of a boyfriend I know he'll love...

1. Apple Products - iWant is what he's thinking.
2. Travel Accessories - a nice piece of luggage (L.V.) is timeless.
3. Car Related - boys like loud music, just a hint.
4. New Kicks - standard or out of the box, new shoes are new shoes.
5. Sport/Hobby Gear - golf clubs, gear bag, fishing poles?
6. Job Related - briefcase, business card holder, fancy pen, etc.
7. Watches & Cufflinks - because every man needs one, or a few.
8. Fragrance - Tom Ford private blends are amazing.

Shopping for your practical snob of a boyfriend is hard, I know. But just remember to keep an eye out for what he wants and get him something that's really him.

We don't even need to check his Pinterest, us ladies are all mind readers...


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Get Pinterested; "Mind Reading" Gifting Secret.

Guess what - no more having to refer back to "What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend..." ever again, unless of course, it's out of pure entertainment seeking intentions. I'm so excited to share with you the most amazing, mind blowing, gift giving technique in all of history: PINTEREST.

Let me explain why. This amazing site allows individuals to create "dream" boards sharing images of anything and everything they've ever wanted in life. I repeat slowly, Individuals Share Everything They Want.

It's no secret - utilize it!

Don't know "What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend..." this year?

It's a 3 - Step Process:

1. Find her Pinterest account. This is easy to do, as it is probably all over her Facebook page and twitter account. If it's not, search her online. It's that simple. I guarantee she has an account. If she doesn't, this b*tch is a tricky one. Have her set one up "for fun" and just pray that she doesn't see right through this after reading my blog and pin only the most fabulously expensive items because she knows your cheating the gift giving cycle - you go girl!
2. Take a look at her boards. Examine. Get an eye for her style. Seek out key items that she's really "pinning" after. And please spare yourself in the process by avoiding the engagement, wedding, and baby boards at all costs. You'll only start to resent her. Keep a look out for items you see a pattern in. Multiple David Yurman bracelets all over her "jewelry" board in different stones and styles? My hunch is, and this may just be the investigator in me, but that she really wants a David Yurman bracelet! Could it be? Now is your time to get creative.

3. Purchase! Most of the time, images will link directly to a place to purchase them. Brilliant I know. However, if it's not that easily handed to you, there are plenty of resources online to find the item (after all, it was most likely pinned from somewhere online). You may never even have to go to a store. How lucky are you...

And how lucky is she? Getting exactly what she's always wanted! You really listen to what she has to say. You pick up on the (not so) small hints. You actually get her. What a killer boyfriend you are.

Our little secret.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Rich Girl's Guide to Decorating.

Karl Lagerfeld knows a thing or two about designing, including designing a fabulous room full of holiday decorations. Just check out his magical creation in the above picture. It confirms he knows how to make just about anything (I mean come on, the man works with tweed for a living) come to life.

A Rich Girl's Guide to Decorating:

1. Why bother with prickly pine needles and a scent clashing with your Tom Ford Black Orchid parfum? Create a festive tree out of your red soles!

2. And what better to hang from your tiny Louboutin spiked heels than a few delicate gold Chanel ornaments!

3. Presents? No problem! Just hire one of these fluffy reindeer to deliver a sled full of orange boxes.

4. Lose the wreaths made out of tacky bows and dolls and opt for a lovely snow white wreath of Louis Vuitton paper shirts.

5. Sick to death of those tacky "traditional" stockings? I mean really, how has that fat of cankles? Use a pair of durable stockings by Chanel.

6. Remember to set the table using only your finest Cartier diamond napkin holders!

7. Don't feel left out of the couture if you're celebrating the Jewish holiday, light the candles on a LV menorah.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Upgrade Your Uggs.

So, what gives? San Diego has a little dose of rain over the weekend and the Uggs are being brought out in full force. Last I checked, it's not a rainy Saturday afternoon today - it's Tuesday - and you're going into work, not Whole Foods after a hot yoga class.

You better check yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a problem with Uggs. I even own a few pairs, and yes, I was an offender that totally whipped them happily out this weekend running to my pilates class. don't still see them on my feet for work attire do you? No.

There's a time and a place for everything and darling, the Uggs do not have a place "on the job" during the week.

Your feet are cold, you say? 

I get it, the fat sweating man in your office cranked up the air and now you're freezing in your cashmere. So that's why I've got some fabulously appropriate options for you right here...

For the urban journalist, maybe you work for a paper or write a column from a coffee joint:

For the nanny, the teacher, or any care of the child provider:
For the 9 to 5'ers:
$599 Sale
For those who really don't have much style, but make a good attempt to try:
For the real housewives of Aspen:
For the PR girls and creative minds of the fashion industry:
$719 Sale
For the ladies who don't give a sh*t if their feet are cold or not:

Highlighted Words