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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tips for the Best Dressed, by Gentleman Norman

It is that time of year again to celebrate San Diego's best dressed with Leonard Simpson at his 10 Best Dressed Awards of 2012 event, hosted this year by ballroom champion and So You Think You Can Dance! judge and choreographer, Mary Murphy! We attended last year and it was an absolute sight to be seen. Gowns, furs, jewels, crisp tuxedos, and not to mention overflowing beauty from within (a rare trait to see held by every individual in the room).

 Gentleman Norman

Best Dressed, Laura Martella and Gentleman Norman

This year, I'm thrilled to be sitting with Gentleman Norman and his lovely lady, Laura Martella, at the event (who was awarded as one of Leonard Simpson's best dressed). In preparation for the fabulous event, I got a chance to speak with Gentleman Norman and get a few tips for the best dressed!

Here's what darling Gentleman Norman had to say...

LMP: How do you define someone who is "best dressed"?
GN: I think it is about the fit of the garment and what looks best on you. Also what is age appropriate. It is not necessarily all about head to "paw" labels. I am a big fan of high/low mixing. Anyone can go out and buy expensive labels - it's how you style them that matters.

LMP: What is one piece in your wardrobe that you never leave the house without?
GN: I know I just commented on "labels" but honestly its my Louis Vuitton collar. It's timeless and has a well worn look.

LMP: Who are your favorite designers?
GN: For me, Ralph Lauren. For my lady, I think she looks amazing in Stella McCartney dresses.
I am very in to "lady like."

LMP: Is there anybody in specific that you look up to in the fashion world?
GN: I really like Ken Downing the fashion director of Neiman Marcus. He always has fresh ideas with out being too over the top. My people are talking to his people to set up a time to talk fashion man to man. Also, I think Ralph Lauren is just about as iconic as it gets when it comes to elegance.

LMP: What do you do to prepare for an event you want to look your best at?
GN: I always take care of myself and my looks.  I have regular grooming appts and a good at home regimen. I typically look the same going out for lunch as I do for black tie. I also prefer my lady to not look to overdone for black tie. I'm not into "fussy."  I do recommend a bit darker eyeshadow for black tie so that eyes are defined for photographs.

LMP: What is the most important grooming tip that should never be forgotten?
GN: Number one grooming tip: keep a copy of my book Gentleman Norman - How To Be a Man readily available.

LMP: Any last piece of advice for always dressing your best?
GN: Trends come and go, but grace and manners never go out of style!

If you'd like to join Gentleman Norman and I at the 5th Annual 10 Best Dressed Awards, along with San Diego's finest and fabulously dressed people, it's not too late to buy a ticket!


Location:  San Diego Hotel & Marina, The White Pavilion Tent
Address:  1380 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101
Date & Time:  November 30, 2012  6:00PM – 1:00AM

TICKET SALES: Style Land Seating (White Tables): $100
VIP Seating (Green Tables): $125 (Full Table: 10 Guests)

Click here to view the seating diagram and to purchase your tickets today!

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