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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Temptress Cranberry Lips

Don't put the cranberries inside of your lips, save them for the outside of that fabulous pout of yours! Cranberry lips are my newest obsession, and it's only appropriate that I share this with you the day before Thanksgiving.

My mom said to me the other day, "that's the new color, wear it every single day until the others catch on." Well, as I look down at my Chanel rouge noir's dwindling appearance, I think it's time to share.

From a deep deep red to as dark to black as you can get, these shades are so so hot. I prefer matte to shine personally, but after seeing a few of these burgundy seductions down below it's a toss up!

My favorite dark hues out this season are produced by Chanel, YSL, and Tom Ford. Although, if this is something that you don't want to commit to, go cheap! No one will notice if it's done right.

Oh, and a few tips: 

1. Lip liner! Don't apply without it, or you will have burgundy running down your face like a vampire. It really saves the day, and this is coming from someone who never uses it (me)!

2. Let someone help match you with the right shade, these dark cranberries come in warm and cool tones, and compatibility with your tone really makes or breaks it.

3. If using a gloss, try one that's already dark because the color of the lipstick will stain the brush. You don't want to use a fabulous new blush pink and stain the entire thing black will never go away.

4. Keep your eyes clean and avoid blush. You don't have to go with a totally nude face, but dark lips will really be brought out with no other distractions (other colors, sparkle, etc.)

5. Air kisses only!


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